Celebrity Inspired Plastic Surgery Is on the Rise

Plastic surgery is opening up new possibilities. New and improved plastic surgery techniques are now making it possible for anyone to look the way they want to. The recent spate of celebrity-inspired plastic surgeries is proof of this. Over the past year, celebrities have had a big impact on the cosmetic surgery scenario.

Improving your looks with aesthetic surgery in one thing; wanting to look like your favorite celebrity is another. Over the past few months, we have been hearing news of people who approached a plastic surgeon to get their features molded to look like that of a famous personality whose looks they admired. There are people have spent thousands to copy Kate Middleton’s nose, Brad Pitt’s jawline, and Angelina Jolie’s lips. Many people look to achieving such features as a goal when contemplating cosmetic surgery.

The Huffington Post recently reported the case of Myla Sinanaj who spent as much as $30,000 on procedures such as liposuction, lip injections and breast implants to look like Kim Kardashian. Arizona twins Mike and Matt underwent porcelain veneers, chin implants and rhinoplasty to look like Brad Pitt, and the nineteen-year-old Sha opted for liposuction, breast and lip implants in an attempt to resemble Pamela Anderson. And just a week ago, everybody was talking about Toby Sheldon who went in for extensive procedures to emulate Justin Bieber’s looks.

It can be expected that these trends will continue to inspire more and more people in the future. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind when venturing into the world of plastic surgery to look like your favorite idol. Any procedure – liposuction, breast augmentation or a nose job – when done wrong can be difficult to correct and even result in life-long complications. There can be very serious, uncorrectable consequences when cosmetic treatments go wrong. In the midst of success stories, there have been many reports of botched up cosmetic surgery procedures with alarming results. So if you are considering an aesthetic makeover, safeguard yourself from such complications.

Cosmetic surgery, like any kind of surgery, is not without risks and you should be fully informed about them before you go ahead. As the first step, make sure you choose a plastic surgeon experienced in the procedure you are considering. The right surgeon will perform a thorough analysis and ensure you are the right candidate for the procedure. A reliable surgeon will usually refuse to operate on any patient for whom they feel the risk is too great.

It is also important that you have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. Discuss all potential risks, complications, and effects with your surgeon. You should also ask about the surgeon’s privileges in the accredited surgery center or a hospital to perform cosmetic surgery. An AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery would ensure patient safety and industry best practices in an outpatient setting.