Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures – What You Can Expect

Many people are opting to have minimally-invasive or nonsurgical body contouring in NYC to achieve the figure they always wanted. Non-surgical fat reduction/body contouring uses specialized equipment to remove fat by creating “a controlled injury” to small volumes of fat. These procedures are considered a quick, pain-free way to eliminate unwanted fat, requiring no anesthesia and resulting in neither scars nor discomfort. But one question that most prospective patients ask their surgeon is: does non-surgical fat reduction procedures actually work?

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction ProceduresMany people opt to have liposuction treatment when diet and exercise fail to get rid of unwanted fat in various areas of the body. Today, plastic surgeons use non-surgical fat removal techniques as an alternative to “regular” liposuction. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS), up to 169,695 non-surgical fat reduction procedures were performed in 2016, with a 5.6 percent increase during 2015-2016. The treatments are popular among both men and women.

Currently, there are two types of devices used for non-surgical fat removal: ultrasound and a cooling method or cryolipolysis. Depending upon your needs, your surgeon may recommend the modality that will suit you. These procedures destroy fat cells which will be removed via the body’s metabolic processes. Unlike traditional liposuction, non-surgical fat reduction procedures are limited to small, stubborn areas that resist strenuous exercise and diets. In some cases, these procedures would require multiple treatments in order to be fully effective.

CoolSculpting in NYC (cryolipolysis) is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction procedure to get rid of excess fat. It uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all conventional weight loss efforts. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting. The device selectively targets localized fat deposits, freezes them, and naturally removes them – all without harming the surrounding tissues. Although men and women usually have excess fat in different areas, this innovative procedure works for both genders.

The benefits of this non-surgical fat reduction procedure are:

  • No incision required
  • Effective in reducing stubborn areas of fat
  • Outpatient treatment with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort
  • Minimal bruising, swelling and pain
  • Minimal risks of post-procedure complications such as infection
  • Short recovery time
  • Quick return to normal activities

However, not all people are good candidates for these treatments. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery points out these limitations of non-surgical procedures:

  • Only reduces fat and have less body contouring ability than liposuction
  • Only a certain amount of fat can be removed
  • Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve desired goals
  • May not work for patients who need to remove considerable amounts of fat

Therefore, it may be concluded that non-surgical fat removal will work only for the right patient – one with unwanted but less fat to remove. It may also be a good option when surgery is not possible. It does not compare with traditional liposuction which can remove larger amounts of excess fat and produce more dramatic results.

To determine if you qualify for a non-surgical procedure like CoolSculpting or Kybella in NYC, consult a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon. The surgeon will evaluate your goals and concerns and recommend the cosmetic surgical treatment that would be right for you.