Brazilian Butt Lift: Where Are the Incisions Made?

The desire for a curvy, well-shaped derriere has made Brazilian butt lift a much sought-after body contouring cosmetic surgery procedure. Performed using the latest techniques, a Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC allows women to achieve their aesthetic goals effectively and safely.

Brazilian Butt LiftThe latest annual statistics report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveals that a total of 24,099 BBL procedures were performed in 2018, a 19% increase from 2017. This buttock augmentation procedure involves using the patient’s own fat instead of implants to enhance the buttocks. It is an ideal option for those who don’t want implants. One common concern among patients considering BBL is about the incision sites.

Women prefer BBL over other buttock augmentation procedures, as it achieves two goals simultaneously: it removes unwanted fat from areas of the body such as the waist and thighs and relocates it to the buttocks, helping to achieve their dreamt hourglass figure and a plump, perky derriere. This is done through tiny incisions. A BBL patient needs incisions in two locations: the donor site and the buttocks.

  • Incisions in the Donor Site(s): Advanced liposuction techniques are used to extract the fat needed for BBL from the donor sites. Tiny incisions are made in areas from where the fat is available in excess such as the abdomen, waist, back or thighs. The harvested fat is then purified. The incisions are then carefully closed with dissolvable sutures which will be strategically located to ensure that they are as inconspicuous as possible. The sutures will naturally dissolve throughout your recovery, which means that you do not need to return to the plastic surgery practice to have them removed.
  • Incisions in the Buttocks: Once the harvested fat is purified after liposuction procedure, it will be reduced it down to a fraction of what was originally extracted. The best and most viable tissues are then injected into the buttocks. For this, the surgeon will make another incision in the buttock area. The purified fat is re-injected carefully using micro droplet techniques, in very small quantities and at the right depths to provide natural-looking results.

Unlike a traditional butt augmentation procedure or butt lift, which involves making a long incision across the top of the buttocks in order to remove unwanted skin, a BBL surgery in NYC involves only tiny incisions which are usually unnoticeable after the procedure. As a result, patients are not left with a long, unsightly scar. On the RealSelf forum, one plastic surgeon points out that incisions made to harvest the fat cells with liposuction would be less than 1/2 cm and that they are placed in such area where they will be hidden by the underwear/swimwear. The incisions to transfer the fat are placed in the “internal face of the gluteus”, and will remain invisible to the eye. Another surgeon explains that visible scars are more likely when a large liposuction cannula is used in patients who have darkly pigmented skin.

Skilled plastic surgeons who have years of experience in successfully performing BBL can provide attractive outcomes with minimal scarring. If you are considering Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC, do your research well and choose a skilled plastic surgeon who is well-trained in the procedure. Experts perform BBL using advanced techniques and very small incisions that would be virtually unnoticeable once they have healed. Invented by leading NYC plastic surgeons Drs. Spero Theodorou and Christopher T. Chia of bodySCULPT in NYC, the Brazilian Butt Lift under local anesthesia (BBLULA) is a safer option than BBL under general anesthesia. This short procedure comes with a very short recuperation time and a quicker return back to normal activity.