Brazilian Butt Surgery- Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Brazilian Butt Surgery Ideal CandidateThanks to many celebrities, a voluptuous and curvaceous booty has become a symbol of beauty. In fact, several stars have admitted to having butt injections to augment their behind. This is what Brazilian butt surgery in NYC is about. The procedure involves injecting your own fat into your buttocks to plump them up. The fat needed for the augmentation is extracted from areas in your body that have it in excess, such as the abdomen, flanks and thighs. The main attraction of fat transfer is that you can avoid the use of butt implants and all the other potential complications of the invasive surgery needed to insert them.

However, not all women are ideal candidates for the procedure. Only the right candidate can achieve optimal results. A qualified and experienced plastic surgeon will first perform a comprehensive evaluation to decide if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Here are the important conditions that you should satisfy to be an ideal candidate for Brazilian butt surgery.

  • First, you should be in good health with no serious medical conditions which could affect the recovery process.
  • You should have enough fat to spare in the donor sites as large volumes of fat may be needed per buttock to achieve significant enhancement.
  • You should be mentally fit and have realistic expectations about the results.
  • It would be ideal if you did not smoke. If you do, you would need to stop smoking for a specific period before and after the treatment. Not doing so would compromise the healing process.
  • You need to avoid heavy drinking at least two weeks before and after the procedure.
  • You should be able to maintain a stable weight after the procedure as weight fluctuations can negatively affect the outcome.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon in NYC is crucial to attain good results for Brazilian butt augmentation surgery. The right surgeon will provide you with a customized treatment plan after assessing your specific goals. He will also discuss the risks of the treatment and guide you in taking an informed decision.