Consider These Tips to Safely and Effectively Recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift SurgeryWomen looking to shape up their derriere can consider effective Brazilian butt lift in NYC plastic surgery practice where skilled surgeons specialized in the procedure help achieve a safe and optimal outcome. According to the 2015 ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) statistics report, a 28% increase was noted for this particular procedure in the country. This clearly shows the positive impact of the treatment among women in the country. The increase in demand for the procedure shows that more women are satisfied with the outcome. However, safely and effectively recovering from the procedure is very important to experience the utmost benefits of the surgery. Let us have a look at some of the important areas to focus on to have a comfortable recovery following the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

  • The initial recovery should be given the maximum importance. Some bruising and swelling can be expected in the areas from where the fat cells were harvested. The surgeon would prescribe some medications to alleviate the associated pain.
  • Every patient will recover differently and in typical cases individuals would be up and walking a day or two following the procedure. In order to avoid constipation, it is always recommended to move around once you start recovering. Start off lightly and then gradually increase up to a level that you can tolerate.
  • The excess tumescent fluid may drain from the incision points and it is normal that the fluid is sometimes tinged with blood. It will cease a few days after the treatment.
  • Strictly follow the surgeon’s guidelines on wearing the compression garment properly. Usually patients are advised to wear it for eight weeks to ensure that healing is quick and effective.
  • It would be good to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for at least eight weeks after the procedure. The best thing you can do is to sleep on your stomach or sides and it is a good practice to place a pillow behind your legs.
  • High impact activities need to be avoided right after the BBL surgery. Refrain from activities involving any type of bouncing. More vigorous activities can be resumed once the fat cells have stabilized.

Choose the right plastic surgeon in NYC to perform Brazilian butt surgery. He/she would be dedicated to providing timely follow-ups if necessary, and would also give you relevant advice on how to take care of yourself during the recovery period.