Demand for Plastic Surgery Procedures on the Rise

According to a report in Female First, new statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) shows a dramatic increase in the demand for plastic surgery procedures during 2013. Figures show a 10% increase for the nose jobs, face lifts and breast implants. The star on the list was liposuction, which marked a tremendous increase in demand by about 41%. In an official statement, Baaps rated the liposuction boom “the most impressive rise in demand” since 2008.

A total of 50,122 cosmetic procedures were performed during 2013, up by 17% from the previous year. Here are the rates of increase for the top 10 plastic surgery procedures.

  • Breast augmentation up 13% to 11,135
  • Eyelid surgery up 14% to 7,808
  • Face and neck lifts up 13% to 6,380
  • Breast reduction up 12.5% to 5,476
  • Nose jobs up 17% to 4,878
  • Liposuction up 41% to 4,326
  • Tummy tucks up 16% to 3,466
  • Fat transfer operations up 14.5% to 3,302
  • Brow lifts up 17% to 2,138
  • Ear corrections up 14% to 1,213

The Baaps report says that there was a consistent demand for traditional invasive treatments, there was an increased demand for body slimming and anti-ageing treatments among younger patients of average age 33. Breast augmentation was the most popular procedure among women, while nose jobs were the top choice among men. Patients from countries like China and the Middle East contributed to the demand for non-invasive procedures such as Fraxel and Thermage. Many also sought blepharoplasty surgery or eyelid surgery to achieve a more Western look.

The increase in the demand for plastic surgery procedures is not confined to the U.K. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 15.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2013, up by 3% from the previous year. Here too, breast augmentation topped the list of cosmetic surgery procedures.

These figures go to show the wide acceptance of the plastic surgery across the globe. Recent advancements in technology and techniques have improved safety and efficiency. Skilled plastic surgeons are providing men and women with customized treatment to achieve their aesthetic goals with minimal side effects and downtime.