Why DIY Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Not Safe

DIY Plastic Surgery ProceduresMen and women often seek cosmetic procedures in an effort to increase self-confidence. Aesthetic surgery provided by skilled and experienced plastic surgeons are a way to improve your appearance. Patients who do the procedures under a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon are usually very happy with the results. While this is the norm there are a lot of people who look for DIY procedures.

DIY plastic surgery procedures are an alarming trend, and some people go for this in the hope that they can achieve their aesthetic goals effortlessly and with minimal expense. A number of bad experiences are being reported with people using DIY kits.

Needless to say, it is vital that you disregard the concept of ‘cheap’ in plastic surgery and value safety and effectiveness. A skilled plastic surgeon with experience in providing the treatment is very important when considering cosmetic surgery.

Recently, Daily News carried a report about an Argentinean woman who lost her life due to a botched DIY breast augmentation procedure. She injected petroleum jelly into her chest to make her breasts larger. The report says that she died from a blood clot that formed in her lung some weeks after the procedure.
Only very few cases have been reported where the DIY procedures proved successful. Some of those who underwent the same experienced no difference in their appearance and ended up with loss of money invested. DIY kits are dangerous, but equally dangerous is the practice of getting the injections from non-physicians.

As this article points out, when DIY injections such as Botox go wrong, it may paralyze the wrong muscles, result in droopy eyelids and eyebrows or poor eyesight. Wrongly administered Botox in other areas of the neck and face can result in impaired speech and swallowing troubles. As no sterility or the right dose is guaranteed with a DIY Botox, there could be health risks involved. For a positive difference in the outcome, it is always advisable to consult an experienced surgeon. Only such a surgeon can ensure that you receive FDA-approved, sterile doses and would administer it on the right spots to provide safe and effective outcomes. Botox is just an example, and the same is the case with any other cosmetic procedure.