Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

Staying Healthy in Winter

Winter is approaching and to stay healthy, you need to ensure that your immune system is in top condition. Unlike the other seasons, it is more challenging to stay fit in winter as it is a cold and flu season too. Here are some tips that can help you and your family stay fit and healthy this winter. Staying active during winter is vital for our health …More

Key Reasons to Include Enough Protein in Your Diet

Protein Diet

Are you getting enough protein every day? People usually focus on including more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in their diet to get sufficient vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. However, you should know that protein has a crucial role in building a healthy and strong body. How you eat your protein is also important. According to …More

The Role of Exercise in Weight Management

Role of Exercise

Losing those extra few pounds is not just about dieting. You need to burn more calories than you eat or drink and this is almost impossible without regular exercise. Moreover, once you achieve your ideal weight, exercising and staying physically active are important to maintain the outcome in the long run. When it comes to… More

Manage Your Cholesterol with the Right Diet

Manage Cholesterol with the Right Diet

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in your blood, and when it builds up in the walls of your arteries, it can clog them, slowing down and even blocking the supply of blood to the heart. A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a portion of the heart is completely cut off by a blockage… More