How to Prevent Premature Aging of Your Skin with Some Simple Steps

Premature Aging

As people start aging, the production of collagen, a crucial protein that promotes skin firmness, begins to decline and the skin starts getting drier and thinner. This can eventually lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Taking good care of your skin is important because it is the outermost part of the body and protects your body from harsh sun rays, pollutions and other toxins that are present in the atmosphere. Not taking care of your skin can lead to premature aging of skin. The present lifestyle choices also contribute to untimely aging of your skin. However, you can improve the quality of your skin, if you take proper care of it.

Signs of Premature Skin Aging

  • Inflammation: Inflammation is a sign of premature skin aging which can develop due to frequent exposure to the sun. Inflammation is a patchy discoloration that is caused by the heat and UV rays which damage the skin cells.
  • Dry Skin: The skin can become very dry as it starts thinning. Dry skin is a major concern for people as they reach their 40s. But this can become an issue at an earlier age also if your skin’s quality diminishes sooner.
  • Sunspots: Sunspots, also called age spots or liver spots, are dark flat spots that can form on various parts of your body, including your face, the back of your hands or on your forearms. It may look like inflammation but these spots occur due to the sun exposure for many years. They typically form in people above the age of 40 but can become evident sooner if sun exposure is frequent.
  • Skin Sagging and Wrinkles: Wrinkles and sagging skin become more noticeable as you enter your 30s because your collagen production starts to decline. Poor skin routine can speed up the development of wrinkles, making your skin look prematurely aged.

Different Causes of Premature Skin Aging

  • Eating Habits: Several studies have shown that what you put in your body will reflect in your body and skin. Intake of foods that are high in sugars and refined carbohydrates can gradually cause harm to your skin.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: The toxins that you inhale while smoking can lead to oxidative stress. This affects your body’s potential to detoxify and heal itself, and this can lead to thinning skin, dry skin and wrinkles. Similarly, alcohol is also not good for skin because it causes your skin to dehydrate.
  • Sun Exposure and Tanning: When ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate into your skin, they can alter your skin cells’ DNA and ultimately result in wrinkles.
  • Stress: Stressful situations can trigger an inflammatory response from your body. If you are regularly exposed to stressful situations, your body will continuously release stress hormones, which causes your skin to age more quickly.
  • Sleeping with Makeup: Sometimes people get so tired that they forget to remove their makeup before going to bed. This can trigger the appearance of pimples, acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Quick Tips to Prevent Premature Skin Aging

  • Protect your Skin from the Sun: Use sun protection every day and protect your skin by seeking shade, or covering up with sun-protective clothing. Make sure to use sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, SPF 30 (or higher), and water-resistant.
  • Avoid Repetitive Facial Expressions: Frequent facial expressions can contract the underlying muscles and if you do it repeatedly for many years, these lines become permanent.
  • Exercise Most Days of the Week: Moderate exercise can improve circulation and boost the immune system, and this can give your skin a more youthful appearance. Too much exercise can also have detrimental effects – it could damage skin cells and loosen the muscles.
  • Eat a Balanced Diet: Some studies suggest that eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables prevents damage to your skin. A balanced diet provides good fats from fish and nuts, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables that are important for a radiant skin. A diet rich in vegetables and unsaturated fats and low in dairy and sugar can provide a healthier skin.
  • Cleanse your Skin Gently: Gentle washing helps to remove pollution, makeup, and other substances without irritating your skin. Apply a moisturizer and toner to keep your skin moist and supple. This will give your skin a youthful appearance.
  • Wash your Face Twice a Day and after Sweating Heavily: Perspiration, especially when wearing a hat or helmet, irritates the skin, so you want to wash your skin as soon as possible after sweating.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Make sure to drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated.

All the above-mentioned tips would help to prevent premature aging of the skin and provide a radiant skin.