AAFPRS: 33% of Plastic Surgeons Saw Rise in Requests fuelled by Selfie Craze

AAFPRS: Selfies Leading to Rise in Plastic SurgeryMany surveys conducted over the past few years have reported on the increase in cosmetic surgery requests fuelled by social media and the selfie trend. Official statistics confirm this, according to a recent report. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) says that 33% of the surgeons in a survey said that the selfie craze has increased plastic surgery requests in the past two years.

The survey indicated the influence of selfies and social media in general:

  • One in three facial plastic surgeons surveyed said that, in general, the “selfie” craze and social media were responsible for rise in requests for procedures
  • Selfies were said to be the reason for the surge in self-awareness and aesthetic procedures requests especially in people under 30. Thirty-four percent of facial surgeons surveyed reported that women under 35 are concerned about their skin seeking to prevent visible signs of aging for longer, while 23 percent of facial surgeons surveyed stated that men under 35 are seeking rhinoplasty, neck liposuction, chin implants, and acne scar reduction procedures.
  • 13% of the respondents noted the reason patients consulted a facial plastic surgeon was increased photo sharing and dissatisfaction with their own image on social media sites
  • Rhinoplasty, hair transplants, and eyelid surgery are the most requested treatments as the face is the key factor in a selfie.

Then AAFPRS President Edward Farrior, MD said, “Social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and the iPhone app Selfie.im, which are solely image based, force patients to hold a microscope up to their own image and often look at it with a more self-critical eye than ever before.”

Filter-based apps like Instagram and FaceTune might have contributed to the noticeable increase in demand for facial cosmetic procedures in the recent times. You can improve on your features using these apps and show them to your surgeon to indicate the change you would like.

According to an AAFPRS survey published in Match 2014, 13 percent of facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in requests for celebrity-inspired procedures in 2014, which was higher by 3 percent in 2013 and 7 percent in 2012. Angelina Jolie’s lips and cheekbones, Kim Kardashian’s eyes and jawline, Beyoncé’s facial structure, Brad Pitt’s nose, and Natalie Portman’s nose were the features that inspired most requests.

However, experts advise people to proceed with caution. Most often, “celebrity photos re-touched and this can lead consumers to foster unrealistic expectations and seek excessive or extreme surgeries.

When it comes to the rising popularity of cosmetic treatments, it’s not just about selfies, social media and celebrities. Many other factors play a role too. Consumers are better informed about the procedures thanks to the availability of reliable information on the Web and advances in medical technology which have resulted in less invasive and even non-invasive techniques.