Americans Underwent the Maximum Number of Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures in 2015

Cosmetic Breast SurgeryAn attractive breast shape and size can do wonders to a women’s overall body contour. However, not all women have the desired breast contour and it is not something that can be achieved via exercise or other means. That is the reason why many women are heading for cosmetic breast surgery procedures to meet their aesthetic goals. Breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction are among the popular breast surgery treatments. According to an international survey on aesthetic/cosmetic procedures performed in 2015, a total of 2,790,138 cosmetic breast procedures were performed last year. And interestingly, Americans underwent the maximum number of cosmetic breast surgery procedures in 2015.

To be more specific, 546,260 breast procedures were performed that marked about 19.6% of the total breast procedures performed globally last year. This was followed by Brazil (358,655, 12.9%) and Mexico (110,624, 4.0%). Breast augmentation was the procedure most requested last year with a total of 1,488,992 procedures, marking 15.4% of the total procedures.

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that enhances the size and contour of the breasts. Individuals can go for breast implant surgery, fat transfer or a combination of both. Those choosing the implant augmentation can make their choice from FDA-approved saline-filled implants, silicone gel filled implants, gummy bear implants or IDEAL implants. Women can benefit from the procedure to reshape breasts that have lost volume and firmness due to excessive weight loss, pregnancy, aging, breastfeeding, or other factors.

A breast lift or mastopexy resolves sagging and restores a firmer, perkier, and more pleasing shape to the breasts. The procedure safely addresses issues such as nipples pointing downward and nipple/areola located below the crease underneath the breast. The treatment removes excess, sagging skin, reshapes and tightens the breast tissue and raises the nipple and areola to a more forward position to offer better proportioned, natural-looking breasts.

When coming to breast reduction procedures, there are specialized procedures for women and men. Overly large breasts can affect a woman’s health, emotional well-being and lifestyle. Breast reduction reduces the size of one or both breasts and provides women with a well-shaped, attractive breast contour. Hormonal imbalances, use of certain drugs and some medical conditions sometimes cause abnormal enlargement of the male breast. Individualized gynecomastia surgery provided at accredited plastic surgery centers addresses this condition and helps men achieve a manly physique.

Choose the right breast surgeon in NYC, specialized in the particular procedure you want, to experience safe and optimal results. The surgeon would examine you in detail and take into account your body anatomy, expectations, goals and preferences so that a personalized treatment plan can be followed.