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Worldwide Popularity of Breast Lift Surgery Increased During 2014-15

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Breast Lift SurgeryThe safe and effective breast lift surgery offered at NYC plastic surgery practices is a great solution for women looking to address saggy and droopy breasts. The procedure is popular not just within the country but also all around the world. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) survey that analyzed the cosmetic surgery trends last year, the popularity of the procedure rose worldwide during the 2014-15 period. With a total of 512,248 procedures performed globally, the treatment was the seventh most popular in 2015. This marked about 5.3% of the total surgical procedures performed last year. For the past two years, USA was the country where the maximum number of breast lift surgery procedures were performed.

In 2014, 498,957 breast lift procedures were performed all around the world. The recent ISAPS statistics reports highlighted the constant popularity of this procedure. The reports say it has remained the 7th most popular procedure for the past 3 years.

Total Breast Lift in 2015 USA Brazil South Korea India Mexico Germany Colombia France Italy
512,248 106,535 80,520 8,101 9,052 21,902 15,271 16,321 14,421 7,160
Total Breast Lift in 2014 USA Brazil Japan South Korea Mexico Germany France Colombia
498,957 108,864 80,836 4,775 4,971 18,492 15,821 16,426 13,718

The procedure addresses concerns such as nipples pointing downward, or located below the crease underneath the breast, tuberous breasts, or breasts that lack symmetry and the end result would be a firmer and perkier appearance to the breasts. A typical procedure involves reshaping and tightening of the breast tissue, removal of the excess, sagging skin, and raising the nipple and areola to a more forward position. It also reduces the stretched and large areola and makes wide breasts narrower or slightly smaller.

Despite the procedure efficiency, getting it done under the guidance of an experienced plastic surgeon specialized in the treatment is most important. So make sure to choose the right surgeon in NYC who can offer all the comforts of an AAAASF-accredited practice. He/she can study individual cases in detail to offer personalized solutions. Sometimes a combination of breast augmentation along with the lift is advised to help achieve a better-looking outcome.

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