Before and After Eyelid Surgery – Things to Consider

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure among men and women to resolve tired and puffy eyes and restore a more youthful look. It reduces the surplus skin and fat in the eyelid area to make the eyes look more alert and attractive. If you are going in for eyelid surgery, there are some guidelines that need to be followed before and after the procedure to minimize risks:

  • The use of medications during the two weeks prior to the procedure must be approved by your surgeon
  • Follow a healthy diet to avoid any health issues at the time of procedure
  • Avoid smoking two weeks prior to and after the procedure
  • Make your home ready for post-operative care before your treatment.
  • Make arrangements for a family member or friend to accompany you to and from the practice and for someone to be with you during the first 48 hours after the procedure
  • Do not eat or drink anything the night before or after midnight the day before the surgery day – prescription medication can be taken with the knowledge of your surgeon
  • Wear comfortable clothing on the surgery day and avoid makeup or jewelry

You may experience slight swelling, bruising and discomfort which subside soon. A sensation of tightness can occur but eases after the first week.

  • Apply the ointment and eye drops as directed; take the prescribed medicines and use cold compress packs if advised
  • Light exercises can be started at the first week, and regular exercise and workouts, normally about 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • If you notice anything unusual visual changes or bleeding, contact the surgeon’s office immediately
  • Return to the office for follow-ups as instructed by your physician

Going by these guidelines can help ensure that your blepharoplasty goes more smoothly.