Breast Augmentation: How To Find The Best Surgeon

Millions of women, including older women, get breast augmentation for various reasons: to address sagging or asymmetry, enhance feminine appeal, improve their overall appearance and boost confidence. However, it’s important that potential patients do their research well and find an experienced plastic surgeon in New York City. Having your breast augmentation procedure performed by a surgeon with extensive experience in the field is important for a safe and comfortable surgical experience. Breast implant surgery comes with certain risks and complications. By choosing a skilled surgeon with significant experience performing breast augmentation you can minimize those risks and complications to an extent.

Breast Augmentation

Rated as one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures, breast augmentation in NYC improves breast volume and firmness that is lost due to certain factors such as excessive weight loss, pregnancy, aging, and so on. It is also performed to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. The procedure is performed either using FDA-approved implants (saline, silicone, IDEAL and Gummy) and/or composite breast augmentation.

However, finding the best surgeon for breast augmentation can be a challenge. When breast augmentation patients do not know how to and what to look for while choosing a best surgeon, it could results in a poor choice based on incorrect assumptions. As a result, they may end up in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon which can increase their chances of having poor results that could lead to additional costs, wasted time, and disappointment.

Following these tips can help you choose the right surgeon for breast augmentation:

  • Consider training and experience: If you are considering breast augmentation in NYC, make sure that the surgeon you choose is well-qualified, and has the background, skills and experience to deliver a safe and effective treatment. Make sure the surgeon has extensive training in the procedure, especially using the latest techniques. Schedule a consultation and discuss your aesthetic goals so that the surgeon can evaluate if you are a candidate breast augmentation option for you.
  • Research the Facility: Make sure the surgery center the breast augmentation surgeon work is accredited. This is crucial for safe and comfortable surgical experience and optimal outcomes. Generally, American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) accredited plastic surgery practices meet established standards for quality and put patient safety first. They will have high standards for personnel, safety, cleanliness, administration, and emergency readiness.
  • Look for Peer Recognition: This is a very important and powerful tip for determining the excellence in a surgeon’s skill over the procedure. Through peer recognition, we can get an idea if the surgeon is highly qualified and skilled in performing breast augmentation. There are several things that indicate a surgeon has legitimate peer recognition:

    • The surgeon has been asked to teach other surgeons at national and regional meetings.
    • The surgeon has been voted into a leadership position in a national society.
    • The surgeon has been voted in by his peers into the professional societies such as American Association of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAAPS).
    • Legitimate awards owned by the surgeon are better indicators than even patient reviews.
  • Talk to Previous Patients: Get references from your surgeons and talk to friends or relatives who’ve had the surgery. Ask if they were satisfied with the surgeon and procedure, what they liked or didn’t like, and so on. This way of hearing first-hand accounts of other people’s experiences is very helpful while choosing best surgeon for breast augmentation.
  • Not Pressurizing: Choose a plastic surgeon who won’t force or pressurize you into this procedure before you are ready for it – even if the procedure is performed under proper guidance. Surgery comes with risk and complications which cannot be fully avoided. So choose a surgeon who will explain the benefits as well as risks of the breast augmentation surgery, including the potential complications, which will help you take an informed decision.
  • Look for Transparency and Honesty: One of the important attributes to look for in a breast augmentation plastic surgeon is transparency and honesty. The plastic surgeon should open up about his expertise in breast augmentation – such as providing evidence of how many times they’ve performed it or and how it has worked out. This will build trust in patients, which lead to better outcomes. An article in Readers Digest notes, “Some doctors are so afraid of negative online reviews or of making a patient upset that they’ll allow the patient to bully them into doing something they don’t feel is best.” Avoid such surgeons and look for an honest surgeon who truly cares about the patient and will be frank about anything in the patient’s best interests.
  • Makes You Feel Comfortable: Make sure you are comfortable discussing your concerns with the plastic surgeon you approach.
  • Consultation Thoroughness: The consultation is the time to form a relationship with the surgeon and set pre-surgery expectations. According to ASAPS, “The consultation is an important opportunity for questions to be asked and answered. It should include a candid discussion of risks as well as benefits of the surgery. A thorough consultation also involves a review of medical history including any existing medical conditions. All these factors help the surgeon to custom-tailor the operation to best meet the needs of each patient.”
  • Ask for Before & After Pictures: During your consultation, you need to look at the before and after photos of the surgeon’s patients. This will help you learn about the aesthetic skills of the surgeon and get a better understanding of the results you can expect for your body type. Pay attention to images of patients who resemble you the most in terms of body type and breast shape to get an idea about the outcomes you can expect.

Based on these factors, you should be able to choose the best surgeon for breast augmentation and schedule a consultation. An experienced plastic surgeon in New York City will help you get detailed information about the type, size and profile of breast implants that would best suit your body type and aesthetic goals. Moreover, leading AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices use advanced 3D technology to help patients visualize their outcomes. Along with expert guidance, these measures allow patients to take informed decisions.