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How Cosmetic Breast Surgery Makes a Difference

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When it comes to the bustline, women may face various aesthetic issues such as loss of volume, asymmetry, sagginess, and overly large size. There are different types of cosmetic breast surgery procedures designed to provide solutions for each of these issues, and more and more women are taking advantage of them. Well-shaped breasts proportionate to the body go a long way in enhancing a woman’s appearance and improving her self-confidence.

Breasts that are underdeveloped or have lost volume after sudden weight loss or delivery can limit your choice of clothing and keep you from wearing your favorite outfits. To correct poor volume, you can choose from various options such as saline, silicone and gummy bear breast implants, fat transfer or composite breast augmentation. Implants are available in various shapes and sizes, but if you want to avoid enhancement using artificial material, fat grafting could help. Fat is removed via liposuction from specific areas in your body and transferred to the breasts to enhance size and shape. The composite augmentation option utilizes implants and fat grafts to provide more natural looking results.

Another common issue is sagging due to factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, and aging. In this case, the plastic surgeon would advise a breast lift, sometimes in conjunction with augmentation. The breasts are lifted to a more aesthetically pleasing position and the nipples repositioned to match the new shape. Well-contoured, firmer breasts result in a more youthful bustline.

Women with breasts that are too large find it difficult to find clothes that fit, and also experience physical discomfort and emotional trauma. They would find it difficult to actively participate in sports or similar activities as free movement is restricted. Neck, back and shoulder pain are among the typical health issues faced by women with overly large breasts. Luckily, breast reduction offers the solution. This cosmetic surgical procedure involves removing excess fat and skin from the chest and contouring the bustline to match overall physical proportions.

As with all plastic surgery treatments, it is important to choose a surgeon experienced in breast enhancement to ensure customized solutions, optimal results and safe procedures.

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