Ivo Pitanguy, the Man behind the Popular Brazilian Butt Lift, Passed Away at the Age of 90

Brazilian Butt LiftThe popularity of Brazilian butt lift among women seeking an attractive posterior has always been on the rise ever since it was introduced. According to RealSelf, a community-driven website noted for its reviews and rankings related to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments, the procedure is well accepted with an impressive 93% rating. This clearly shows its wide acceptance among women who desire an attractive derriere. Dr Ivo Pitanguy, one of the world’s top plastic surgeons, the man behind this popular treatment left us just a day after he carried the Olympic flame that later lit the cauldron at the opening ceremony of the games in Rio’s Maracana Stadium. He was ninety years old and carried the flame while sitting a wheelchair.

His signature cosmetic procedure has attracted a worldwide clientele and his contribution in helping Brazil to be a popular destination for the rich and famous to get cosmetic procedures done is mentionable. He was renowned for his kind deeds such as helping poor accident victims for free. According to a theguardian.com report, he was called the “philosopher of plastic surgery” and he endorsed beauty treatments because he believed that the changes made on the outside of the body can boost self-esteem. He wrote on his clinic’s website “An individual’s suffering is not proportional to his deformity, but to the perturbation caused to his harmony by living with his image.”

BBC News reported that the American Society of Plastic Surgery dubbed 2015 another “year of the rear” as they noted that the procedures focusing on the derriere dominated surgical growth. Even when there are a range of butt lift procedures, the contribution of Brazilian butt lift to this rise in statistics is something significant. The treatment uses the individual’s own excess fat from other body areas removed through liposuction that is injected in different areas and at different depths into the buttocks to improve its volume. The right candidate can experience a safe and natural-looking outcome without any implant related complications. The right surgeon ensures a safe and optimal outcome and the patients achieve excellent contouring on their donor site too.