Safe Breast Augmentation Alternatives – A Review

Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure among women across the US and leading plastic surgery practices in New York City provide customized procedures to meet the aesthetic goals of their patients. When it comes to breast enhancement options, there are natural, non-invasive and minimally invasive alternatives other than the efficient invasive methods. Here, we discuss some of the most followed methods and their efficacy.

  • Nutritional and Natural Products: According to The Natural Products Association (NPA), some of the estimated 50,000 nutritional supplements currently available are sold as breast enlarging products. They contain a variety of herbs that mimic the effects of estrogen, which is known to increase breast size. However, according to a Medical Daily report, studies find no conclusive evidence about the effectiveness of these products and some are even skeptical about their safety.
  • Suction Cups: Suction devices such as the Brava Bra are another option. These cups exert a distraction force to each breast, causing tissue to expand gradually and slowly over time. Studies have shown mixed responses with some satisfied with the results and others saying that they are negligible and will fade over time. Also, while the Brava system poses no notable health risks as with supplements, it is an expensive option.
  • Build Pectoral Muscles: Breast building exercises such as push-ups, lifting weights, and chest press focus on enhancing the pectoral muscles. However, as breasts primarily consist of fat and not muscle, building the Pecs does not produce noticeable results.
  • Dietary changes: Including more of oils and healthy fats in your diet every day would increase the fat content in your body and boost your bust line. The downside is that this diet may pile up unwanted fat in other areas such as the waist, thighs and hips!

Let it be any aesthetic concern, cosmetic surgery is the final resort when none of the natural options work for you. For improving your breast size and shape, established plastic surgery practices offer breast implant procedures. The choice can now be made from FDA-approved saline, silicone gel, gummy bear and IDEAL implants. There are women with insufficient breast tissue who would find it difficult to hold the implants. The composite breast augmentation procedure that combines implants with fat injections is the ideal choice for them. While the implant procedure can increase the volume of your breasts, the fat grafting makes small adjustments to further conceal the implant and make the outcome look more natural.

With so many options for breast enlargement, women need to do their research well to choose the right one. If the choice is cosmetic breast surgery, finding a surgeon with expertise in the field is crucial for safe treatment and optimal outcomes.