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Keeping Abreast with the “Thigh Gap” Trend with CoolSculpting

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Achieving the desirable “thigh gap” has become a priority for teen girls and adult women alike. The “thigh gap” which signifies the gap between the thighs when one stands with the knees touching is a way to measure one’s thinness. This is why many women are keen to achieve this. A 5-finger breadth is considered the perfect thigh gap for women, which is aesthetically and functionally beneficial.

Thigh fat that is in excess can be removed and the desired gap achieved via the CoolSculpting procedure, which is a new approach to fat removal. In this, the fat cells are frozen using a cooling device. Since the fat alone is targeted, the surrounding cells and tissue are not harmed. The frozen fat is broken down by the body and permanently removed within the period of two months following the treatment. It is a non-invasive procedure that allows patients to return to their normal schedule immediately.

Since the thigh area tends to accumulate more amount of fat, you may require more than one treatment to achieve the desired aesthetic results. The CoolSculpting device is credited with the capability to achieve 20% fat reduction. Over a certain period, following the required number of treatments, and depending on the fat content of your thighs and their shape, you may be able to achieve the desired thigh gap.

Here are some of the advantages offered by this fat freezing treatment that account for its immense popularity among women.

  • The treatment involves minimal pain and discomfort for the candidates
  • It hardly takes 1 to 2 hours per thigh to complete the procedure
  • There is no downtime involved
  • There are no restrictions for light activities during the procedure
  • Risks are minimal including bruising and numbness which subside soon
  • One can resume normal activities as soon as the procedure is over
  • Results are visible probably in 5 weeks and steadily improves over the next 3 months
  • The cooling device is clinically proven to get results
  • 86 percent of candidates involved in trials claimed a visible reduction of thigh fat in 16 weeks
  • No knives, suction hoses, needles and lasers are involved in the treatment

You need to be closer to your ideal body weight and in good health to undergo the treatment. Body trends change over time and this impressive cooling technique help women keep up with the new thigh gap trend.

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