Taking Care During the Postoperative Period of an Arm Lift Surgery

People having loose and hanging skin at the back of the arms have concerns about wearing sleeveless clothing. Rigorous workout sessions or dieting can bring little change in the appearance of the arms as it is one of the hard-to-treat fat spots. Arm lift or brachioplasty is the ideal solution in such cases, which effectively removes the excess fat and provides well-contoured arms. Importantly, no muscle, fascia or any important blood vessels or nerves are affected. The procedure tightens the arms and reduces the circumferential measurement. However, to experience optimal results, one should strictly follow all post-operative care instructions.

  • Pain medication may or may not be required but the arms need to be wrapped in ace wraps for the first two days to reduce swelling and pain.
  • After taking a shower, you may reapply the ace wraps for comfort for two weeks. The incisions should be taken care of for two weeks’ time and you must ensure that they don’t get submerged in water while bathing. Keep the incisions clean and check daily for signs of infection.
  • There may be light swelling in the hands and forearms for the first few days, which would subside after some time.
  • Numbness of the upper arm, if any, is something normal after the treatment which would resolve once you are completely recovered.
  • Rigorous workouts that may give strain to the arms must be avoided for 1 month or so until you get back to normal.
  • Social activities can be resumed in two weeks. You may return to normal activities pretty soon but don’t rush into it. Begin in a low pace and gradually increase it according to how your body tolerates it.
  • Get plenty of rest and follow a balanced diet during the period and increase fluid intake to avoid constipation.
  • Habits such as drinking and smoking should be avoided during the recovery period after arm lift surgery.
  • Avoid exposing the scars to sun for at least a year.
  • Keep all follow-up appointments scrupulously so that your plastic surgeon can evaluate your progress and give additional instructions if needed. If any discomfort or anything unusual is seen before the specified date, don’t wait till the next follow-up appointment to see him/her.

Following all the instructions carefully during the post surgery period will facilitate a safe and quick recovery.