Female Breast Lift with Implants

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Breast Lift with Implants

Lulu2005 | 3 months ago

I went to Dr. Chia for a breast lift in 2012 as I was not happy with the way my breasts looked at 43. I exercise regularly and eat well, but could not achieve the look that I wanted without surgery. Dr. Chia advised me that a lift would be more attractive with implants, given the way that the shape of the breast changes with the surgery. I went with Dr. Chia’s advice and more than 2 years later, I am still very happy with my choice and the care I received from him. He explained all aspects of the procedure, was patient, was very attentive during and after the procedure and did a beautiful job. I have recommended Dr. Chia to several friends for various procedures and all have been happy with the level of care and with the results.