bodySCULPT® Providing 3D Plastic Surgery Imaging for Breast Augmentation Consultation

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Leading AAAASF accredited Manhattan-based plastic surgery practice bodySCULPT® is offering 3-D plastic surgery imaging for the breast augmentation consultation. This advanced technology allows patients to directly view a “before and after” image of their chosen breast procedure from their home before the office visit.

The 3D surgical imaging software simulates breast augmentation, producing three-dimensional images of the patient’s body with different implant sizes and types. This state-of-art web-based technology helps patients take a better informed decision as it provides unlimited views of their new look before the surgery.

Patients who sign up for this consultation at bodySCULPT® can choose from a wide range of implant types in various cup sizes, volumes and shapes as well as different surgical techniques. They can then communicate with the plastic surgeon by sending the image indicating their preferences to determine if it is the ideal one to meet their aesthetic goals. Patients can access this final simulated image from their home through the web and visualize the likely outcome of the surgery from various angles. This technology keeps patient expectations realistic and also allows them to go ahead with confidence in the results.

Once the patient is satisfied with the simulated results that this novel 3D breast simulation technology produces, she can schedule an in-person consultation with bodySCULPT’s surgeon to develop a personalized surgical plan for breast enhancement surgery.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon discusses the benefits as well as the risk of the surgery. The use of this 3D imaging technology improves safety and efficiency, and patient satisfaction during the surgery and after.

At bodySCULPT® , patients can expect a pleasant and comfortable surgery experience with skilled surgeons and a caring and supportive staff. International patients can benefit from the fly-in programs that this reliable plastic surgery practice offers. They provide assistance to international patients in all aspects including travel arrangements and hotel accommodations via phone consultation or the internet. Interested individuals also can opt for a virtual consultation from the comfort of their home before traveling to the office.