3D Plastic Surgery Imaging

Imagine viewing a 3D image of your breasts after breast augmentation without leaving the comfort of your home! You can view a “before and after” image of your chosen breast procedure without coming in for a consultation with our surgeon. This is possible with our advanced state-of-the-art 3 dimensional surgical imaging software.

bodySCULPT® is the first and only plastic surgery center in New York City to offer this latest exciting 3D imaging software. This innovative software was created by Crisalix.

View the "new you" from the comfort of your home!

Crisalix Animation
Want to see your NEW YOU before the procedure?

View Your Enhanced Breast Contour in 3D without Leaving Your Home

This software functions as follows, and all this can be done without leaving the comfort of the patient’s home.

  • Step One The patient can send a picture of her breasts to the surgeon who will send back a 3D image of what her breasts will look like after the augmentation. Part of the process allows the patient to express her breast augmentation desires in terms of volume, cc, and types of implants.
  • Step Two When our surgeons receive the patient’s wishes and her initial uploaded “before” 3D breast photos, they then select what they deem the most appropriate breast implant options.
  • Step Three 3D images of the patient’s new breasts are simulated and made accessible to the patient via the web at home, with views from any desired angle.

All this is done without the patient going to the surgeon’s office.

  • Step Four
    The final step after the patient sees the “after” 3D images is the actual visit with the surgeon in person to discuss the procedure and schedule her breast enhancement surgery.

This revolutionary 3D imaging technology allows the surgeon and the patient to assess the possible outcomes of the surgery, which helps in effective pre-operative planning. It also helps patients to maintain realistic expectations and boosts their confidence.

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