What Are The Benefits Of Brazilian Butt Augmentation? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking to achieve fuller, perky buttocks? Then you could consider getting Brazilian butt augmentation in NYC, an innovative cosmetic surgical procedure that can provide attractive natural looking results. Performed using local anesthesia and minimally invasive techniques, Brazilian butt augmentation, also known as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), uses the patient’s own fat for the enhancement and has become a preferred option for women who don’t want butt implants. A skilled plastic surgeon can help you achieve firm, youthful-looking buttocks with less downtime and recovery time than conventional buttock augmentation surgery.

Brazilian butt augmentation combines liposuction and fat grafting. It begins with liposuction to remove unwanted fat from various body areas. The fat from the donor sites is then purified and transferred to the buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift can enhance a flat derriere, enhance buttock volume and shape lost due pregnancy or weight loss, and correct proportional imbalances. The procedure can help you achieve a sensuous body profile and look great in evening dresses and beachwear.

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Brazilian Butt Augmentation