7 Reasons why Spring is the Ideal Time for Running

7 Reasons why Spring is the Ideal Time for RunningRegular exercise, and running in particular, offers many health benefits. If you haven’t tried running before, then spring is the ideal time to start. With the rise in temperature and pleasant weather, the season can make running more enjoyable and easier to stick with. Here are seven reasons why running in the spring is the best:

  • The weather: Extreme summer and winter temperature can make running less comfortable. But with its warm, fresh temperature, spring is just perfect season for running. A MapMyRun article reports that one study found that air temperature is the most important factor influencing running performance. Weather that is too cold or too hot, slows you down. On the other hand, spring temperatures might be just right to motivate you to work out harder. With the beautiful weather and sights and sounds – blooming flowers, green grass, beautiful sunrise, birds chirping, and much more – spring is a great time to run and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Longer days: Days get longer and brighter in spring, making it easy for new runners. Not having enough time is often the reason new runners give up on their workout. But with the longer days in spring, you have ample opportunities to get out and enjoy your workout.
  • More people to run with: As spring arrives, the streets and tracks are filled with seasoned runners. If you’re a newbie, it will be easier to find a running partner or a group. You would be motivated to run better and for longer distances when you have company.
  • Soak up the sunshine vitamin: Getting vitamin D naturally is a challenge in winter. But in spring, when the days are longer, you get opportunity to get more vitamin D, which benefits your bones and muscles. Spending time outdoors also improves mood and mental wellbeing.
  • Running in spring time showers: According to Fleet Feet Sports, a 2013 Japanese study revealed that exercising in the rain often led exercisers to work harder and feel cleaner. Don’t let the spring showers deter you. Wear the right clothes and shoes, modify your step, and enjoy the free showers!
  • Utilize all your run gear: This is season to utilize all your running gear – shirts, shorts, tights, and shoes – which you ignored in winter. And it would only take few minutes to get dressed as you don’t have to layer your clothes like in winter.
  • Get back on the track: Spring allows you to hit the track after the long winter Tracks are flat and predictable and make it easy to polish your pacing skills.