Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve and Retain Natural Flawless Skin

Everyone wants natural glowing skin that is flawless, blemish free. Just a little extra care in your daily routine, can turn your dream into a reality. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow in your skin care routine – don’t expect an overnight miracle as producing the desired effect will take time.


Natural Flawless Skin

  • The golden rule of face care is to wash off make-up before you hit the bed. This is important because the skin needs to breathe and if makeup is not removed, the pores get clogged and cause blemishes or blackheads.
  • Make the Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer (CTM) technique part of your daily routine. Regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing will help you achieve a younger looking skin. Use warm water to wash your face as it can keep the skin acne-free.
  • Exposure to sunlight increases risks of skin damage. So apply sunscreen before going out.
  • Use natural facial masks to enhance the facial glow.
  • Doing exercises such as running, jogging and yoga will cleanse your entire body and improve blood circulation, promoting a healthy look.
  • Maintain a healthy balanced diet that is good for your skin and body. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A and C for radiant skin.
  • Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and improves skin tone. Drink a lot of water daily to stay hydrated.
  • Learn to manage stress as stress can cause breakouts on your face and body.
  • Getting sleep is important. When you sleep, the body works to remove dead blood cells and encourage the production of new blood cells.


  • Don’t touch your face all the time, as it can cause breakouts and blemishes.
  • Don’t dry out your skin by over-cleansing and exfoliation
  • Don’t smoke as it can prematurely age your skin as the nicotine constricts the blood vessels, blocking the flow of oxygen to your skin.
  • Avoid spicy, more oil, salty, junk and fast foods as it can cause acne
  • Don’t use chemical creams and products that can break down your skin. Go for natural products.
  • Don’t forget to wash your face and apply moisturizer before you go to bed.
  • Avoid or limit alcohol and caffeine intake as they can lead to dull skin.