Skin Care – Habits to Avoid

Skin CareEven as you pamper your skin with a carefully thought-out beauty regimen, there could be some mistakes you are making that will undo your efforts. Here are some bad habits to avoid when it comes to skin care:

  • However tired you are, don’t forget to wash off your make up before you go to bed. Dirt, oil and grime on your face will clog the pores and cause break outs and blemishes.
  • Don’t use rough scrubs on your face. Stick to a gentle exfoliator to protect the natural oils.
  • Don’t overdo the cleansing, especially if you have dry skin. Overusing a face scrub will rob your skin of the natural oils. Experts advise using a creamy or oil-based cleanser at night and washing the face with just water in the morning.
  • Keep your hands off acne. Breaking a pimple can make things worse as it would cause the bacteria to spread across the skin. Apply a spot treatment on the pimple and let that take care of the problem.
  • No matter what you do to make your skin glow, you would end up undoing all the good work if you apply makeup with a dirty brush. So wash your brushes regularly.
  • Don’t lose out on sleep as this will make your skin look dull and make it age faster. Get your beauty sleep for glowing skin.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking accelerates the facial aging process and causes the skin to droop, develop wrinkles and lines, and dry out. It can also cause various skin disorders.

Your lifestyle matters. Maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly for a healthy, glowing complexion.