Study: 30 is the Age When Women Feel the Most Beautiful

Beautiful WomenThe common belief is that women are overly concerned about aging and do everything they can to retain their youthful looks. However, according to a recent survey conducted in the U.K., women’s perceptions about aging are changing.

The Daily Mail reported that results of the survey: women are now feeling more positive about the aging process and more than half of them felt the most beautiful in their 30s.

The survey conducted by beauty giant Lancôme covered 1000 women and found that:

  • Nearly half of the women loved being aged between 26 and 40
  • 30 was the age at which women felt their most confident in the way they looked
  • Two thirds of the respondents said they were feeling more confident as they aged

What’s especially surprising is that nearly a third of the participants admitted to having added years onto their age at some point in their life. The reasons they gave for doing this were to fit in with an older crowd, get compliments on how good they looked, and to be seen as more experienced at work!

However, youth was still considered an important asset as a third said they felt their most confident between the ages of 18 and 25. In fact, nearly half of women surveyed said that they still believe there is a social stigma associated with aging – with three in four women saying that current perceptions associated with aging are the same as they were a decade ago – or in some cases even worse.

The campaign, with patrons like Kate Winslet, Lupita Nyong’o and Pénelope Cruz is aimed at encouraging British women to be more confident about their age.

This dramatic shift in the attitude of women towards growing older could be due to the multitude of ways available to preserve health, beauty and well-being. Accessibility to a wide range of safe and effective aesthetic treatments is helping women take better care of their looks and stave off the early signs of aging. They are also making the best possible use of the opportunities available to develop their mental abilities.

To conclude, the survey reveals that women are generally becoming less youth-obsessed and embracing their looks as they age – which is definitely good news.