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New York Chin Liposuction

Achieve a more contoured, youthful facial appearance by reducing excess fat below your jaw line with chin liposuction at New York City. An AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, NYC, bodySCULPT® specializes in “double chin” procedure. Excess fat and sagging skin below your chin that is generally unresponsive to even rigorous diets and exercise can be removed and the skin tightened for a well-defined look. The treatment can:

  • Reduce a double chin
  • Tighten loose skin in the jaw and neck area
  • Reshape and improve chin contour

At our New York City NYC office, our plastic surgeons perform double chin liposuction to improve your facial contour. If you have loose extra skin after the procedure, a chin tuck will be done along with the liposuction. This involves removing the excess fat and skin surgically following which the wound is sewn closed to pull the skin more tightly across the neck. This is an easy and safe procedure that makes sure that the results are as desired.

We also offer Kybella, an effective FDA-approved non-surgical treatment to address submental fat. This injectable literally dissolves fat in the upper neck and results in a well-defined jawline.

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NYC Chin Liposuction Surgery

- Advanced Technologies

Your comfort and safety is our prime concern, and our team of friendly, caring plastic surgeons and other clinical staff are specially trained in the latest techniques in liposuction surgery. We utilize the following state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive modalities:

  • Smartlipo Triplex (laser-assisted): The treatment safely and effectively eliminates fat and tightens loose skin in the area. bodySCULPT® is one of Cynosure’s Smartlipo training centers in Manhattan.
  • BodyTite™ (radiofrequency-assisted): This modality is designed for safety and maximum efficiency in body contouring.
  • VASERlipo (ultrasound-assisted): The procedure provides precise, tissue-selective sculpting.
Benefit from bodySCULPT's

Chin Tuck Procedure in NYC

All these body sculpting chin tuck techniques are ahead of traditional liposuction approaches, and offer benefits such as:

  • Effective fat reduction and skin tightening results
  • Minimum downtime and risks
  • Considerably less tissue trauma
  • Short recovery time
  • Coagulation of blood vessels

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and involves only minimal swelling, bleeding and scarring.

Treatments with care

With the end-to-end care and personalized attention ensured for ourchin, neck and facial liposuction procedures, recovery time is short and you can return to routine activities quickly.

Considering Manhattan chin liposuction? Call our New York City (NYC) office at 212 265 2724 or 1-800-282-7285 to schedule an appointment. Send your queries to info@bodysculpt.com.

BodyTite™ is a sophisticated device using patented radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology for effective body contouring and significant skin contraction. BodyTite™ is a new innovative technique that bodySCULPT® is bringing to it's patients. The plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT® have been selected to head the IRB study in New York for FDA approval.

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