Smartlipo Abdomen – Before & After Photos (Women)

Stubborn fat deposits, mainly in the abdomen area often prove resistant to diet and exercise. Smartlipo laser liposuction can remove these fat deposits and provide dramatic improvements with greater results, minimal downtime, and less pain than traditional liposuction. Skilled plastic surgeons at NYC based bodySCULPT® are specialized in performing minimally invasive laser liposuction procedures for women.

Smartlipo Triplex utilizes three laser wavelengths — 1064, 1320 and 1440 nm — that can be used independently or in combination for precise body contouring. The laser energy directed at the fat deposits liquefies them and coagulates the blood vessels. The melted fat can then be suctioned out without causing much discomfort to the patient. Our plastic surgeons are leaders in the use of local anesthesia for several procedures and they have performed the highest number of Smartlipo procedures in the country.

Check out the before and after photos of a 37 Year-old woman, who has achieved noteworthy results by undergoing Smartlipo liposuction for abdomen and flanks.