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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Brazilian Butt Lift: How to Improve Your Looks with an Attractive Derriere

Brazilian Butt Lift

A beautifully shaped buttocks area has become a significant trend in the American society with celebrities and civilians asking for Brazilian butt lift in NYC to enhance their backside. An attractive derriere makes you look great in your favorite outfits and what if you can achieve this via a natural butt lift procedure applauded much … Read More about the Brazilian Butt Lift

Features You Can Expect in a Safe, Accredited Cosmetic Surgery Operating Room

Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon in NYC matters the most if you want to enjoy optimal results from a cosmetic surgery procedure. Just like the safe pair of hands of a good surgeon, the safety of the operating room in which the surgery is performed is also very important. So at the time of surgeon … Read More about the Cosmetic Surgery

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon to Avoid Kybella Complications

Kybella Complications

Kybella injections are FDA approved to address moderate to severe submental fat and help address the double chin problem without surgery. However, Kybella injections also come with risk of complications if they are not administered by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon. While approving this treatment for fat below the chin, the FDA warned, “Treatment … Read More about the Right Plastic Surgeon to Avoid Kybella Complications

Dr. Christopher T. Chia from bodySCULPT, NYC Speaks at the 4th Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference 2016

4th Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference 2016
bodySCULPT plastic surgeons have always stayed abreast of the latest developments in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery and focus on utilizing cutting edge technology to ensure optimal body sculpting results. The various conferences they attend on a national and international level provide them with excellent exposure and the opportunity to interact and exchange views… Read More about the 4th Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference 2016

Role of Exercise after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

With many women desiring a well-shaped and attractive derriere that would enhance their youthful profile, the demand for Brazilian butt lift surgery in NYC is on the rise. Reliable plastic surgery practices in the city offer this safe and advanced buttock augmentation treatment that uses the patient’s own excess fat from other body areas. As … Read More about Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

New Study Suggests Cryolipolysis Could Address Pseudogynecomastia


Pseudogynecomastia or male breast enlargement occurs due to excess subareolar fat. The typical solution is surgical excision or liposuction, or a combination of both. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that gynecomastia was among the top 5 cosmetic procedures performed on men in 2014. Cosmetic Surgery Times (CTS) recently reported on a … Read More about Pseudogynecomastia

Neck Liposuction or Kybella – Choose Your Double Chin Treatment

Neck Liposuction

A double chin is one of the most worrying facial aesthetic concerns among both men and women. Fortunately, in an established NYC plastic surgery practice, you can choose from two options to address the problem – neck liposuction and Kybella. Both these treatments are non-surgical and can get rid of under-chin fat quite effectively to … Read More about Neck Liposuction or Kybella

Get Beautiful Curves with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

Well-shaped buttocks enhance your femininity and the Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve the curves you’ve always wanted. Established plastic surgery practices in Manhattan offer this cosmetic surgical procedure which owes much of its popularity to celebrities like Jo Lo, Beyonce and the Kardashians. In the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure, your own fat is … Read More about Cosmetic Surgery Trends

How Much do Celebrities Influence Cosmetic Surgery Trends?

Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Many international celebrities have been instrumental in inspiring hundreds of women in countries across the world to have cosmetic surgery. Prominent among them are the Kardashian sisters Kendall, Khloe, Kim and Kylie and Kourtney. According to a report in the New Daily, Kardashian-inspired buttock lifts and lip injections are on the rise. The sudden spurt … Read More about Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Identifying Plastic Surgery Addiction

Plastic Surgery Addiction

When you decide to have a cosmetic surgical procedure and consult a plastic surgeon, one of the first things that you will be asked about is your perspectives. The surgeon will want to know what motivated you to consider going under the knife and whether you have had a previous procedure to improve the feature … Read More about Plastic Surgery Addiction

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