Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery – Gift Yourself Attractive Figure in time for Valentine’s Day

One way to make yourself feel really special on Valentine’s Day is to gift yourself a cosmetic procedure before the celebrations. Getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in New York City for instance, can provide you with an attractive, curvy backside and a more youthful-looking figure. This popular procedure involves using your own fat instead of implants to enhance your buttocks. Expert NYC plastic surgeons offer Brazilian butt lift under local anesthesia (BBLULA), a new, innovative and a safer alternative to the traditional technique. Invented by two plastic surgeons of bodySCULPT in NYC, BBLULA is a relatively short procedure that allows patients to remain awake throughout the procedure, heal faster, and get back quickly to their normal routine.Brazilian Butt Lift

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Nicky Minaj and Kim Kardashian West have inspired many women with their voluptuous curves. Many women now undergo BBL to get prominent, youthful-looking, curvy buttocks using their own fat. The popularity of the treatment has soared as it provides beautiful natural-looking outcomes without the hassles associated with implants. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), BBL or buttock augmentation using fat grafting increased 10% in 2017 over the previous year.

The procedure is a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. Fat is removed via liposuction from other areas of the body (typically the stomach, hips, and thighs), and is transferred to the buttocks. In this “dual-benefit” body contouring procedure, fat is first harvested from unwanted areas such as the stomach, flanks and thighs, using liposuction and prepared for transplantation into the gluteal region.The fat is then injected carefully into the buttocks to provide the desired augmentation. A skilled surgeon can improve the shape the back area just under the curvature of the top of the buttocks in such as way that it decreases waist size and improves the projection of the buttocks even before the fat is injected.

The key benefits of getting BBL under local anesthesia include:

  • No risks of general anesthesia
  • No hospital stay
  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Procedure is customizable
  • Natural looking outcomes
  • Minimal risks of fat graft rejection as your own tissue is used

BBL usually requires only 36 hours of recuperation regardless of the day of the week. Final results are usually seen approximately 6 months after the treatment and full recovery depends on how well patients follow their surgeon’s pre and post-operative care instructions.

Considerations of risk for traditional BBL are the same as any other type of elective plastic surgery. BBLULA minimize these risks and provides satisfactory outcomes without injecting fat into the muscle, thereby eliminating the potential for misguidance, misadventure, and fatal complications. The use of local anesthesia promotes patient safely and involves minimal pain. However, the surgeon’s skills are paramount to the success of any cosmetic surgical procedure. In the case of BBL, if patients are not careful with their choice of surgeon, they may end up with unsightly lumps and bumps and also compromise their safety. When performed by a surgeon with expertise in both techniques, BBL can be done effectively, with little or no discomfort, and a much faster recuperative time.

When it comes to a butt lift, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – as an expert surgeon notes, it’s all about meeting the patient’s expectations. That’s why it’s important to discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon in an in-person consultation beforehand. Professional surgeons offer 3D imaging to help patients visualize their outcomes and take informed decisions.

If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC, consult a plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice who is experienced in performing the procedure. In addition to comprehensive training and experience in performing BBL, the right surgeon would have a professionally trained eye for aesthetic detail to provide attractive outcomes. Do some careful research before choosing your plastic surgeon because all practitioners may not have received this specialized training.

Get a Youthful-Looking Bust Line with Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift SurgeryMany women experience breast sag after pregnancy, or due to aging or massive weight loss. Getting a breast lift in NYC can resolve this concern and restore firm, perkier breasts. Also called mastopexy, the procedure can also correct issues such as nipples pointing downward, nipple/areola located below the crease, tuberous breasts, or breasts that lack symmetry.

This cosmetic surgical procedure is done under general anesthesia. It involves removing excess skin, lifting and reshaping of underlying tissues, and repositioning the nipple and areola. It typically takes two to three hours to complete. The surgery is performed using different types of incisions. After a thorough evaluation, the surgeon will choose the most appropriate technique based on various considerations such as breast size, shape, and extent of sag.

Bruising and swelling are common side effects that occur after the procedure. Surgeons may recommend wearing a support bra for three weeks, and then a sports bra, for the next three months. Results can be seen right away. However, as the tissues will shift and settle for a couple of months, the scars may not fade till after a few years.

The scarless breast lift is an ideal option for women concerned about the scars associated with mastopexy, Done using BodyTite™, an FDA-approved Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) workstation, this minimally invasive procedure can shape, tighten and lift the breast without the scarring associated with a surgical breast lift.

The BodyTite Perky Lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia and involves less downtime than the traditional option. Patients can resume normal activities soon after the procedure but should avoid strenuous activities for up to one week after the treatment.

If you are looking to have a breast lift in NYC, choose a plastic surgeon who is specialized in performing the procedure using the latest techniques. For women who have lost volume, combining a breast lift with breast augmentation can improve the outcomes.

Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC – A Popular Celebrity-inspired Procedure

Brazilian Butt LiftBrazilian butt lift (BBL) in NYC is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to provide women with prominent, youthful-looking, curvy buttocks using their own fat. Kim Kardashian is known for many things and one is her curvy, voluptuous derriere. Whether she was born with her beautiful buttocks or whether she achieved it with a butt procedure, Kim has inspired thousands of women to seek BBL to get the same shapely curves.

Like Kim, there are many other celebrities, who are rumored to have had BBL. Recently, it was the “Material Girl”. Madonna was spotted with a “larger than life booty” ( at a New Year performance. A top plastic surgeon, who has not treated the star, told Life & Style that it did look like “the Material Girl has had a Brazilian Butt Lift”. Madonna finally broke her silence on an Instagram post remarking “Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else”, and not saying that the rumor isn’t true.

Buttock augmentation with autologous fat grafting, or gluteal lift (currently marketed as the “Brazilian butt lift surgery in NYC”), represents one of the most rapidly evolving and increasingly popular operations in aesthetic surgery. In this “dual-benefit” body contouring procedure, fat is removed via liposuction and injected into the gluteal region. A skilled surgeon can shape the back area just under the curvature of the top of the buttocks in such as way that it decreases waist size and improves the projection of the buttocks even before the fat is injected. The popularity of the treatment has soared as it provides beautiful natural-looking outcomes without the hassles associated with implants. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), BBL or buttock augmentation using fat grafting increased by 10% in 2017 over the previous year.

However, it is found traditional Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries under general anesthesia can have devastating and even fatal consequences if the fat is injected into and below the muscle, either intentionally or unintentionally. Fortunately, two plastic surgeons of bodySCULPT in NYC invented Brazilian butt lift under local anesthesia (BBLULA). Extremely successful as a safer alternative to the traditional technique, BBLULA is a relatively short procedure that allows patients to remain awake throughout the procedure, heal faster, and get back quickly to their normal routine.

The results of a BBL are very dependent on the technique that your surgeon will use and also on his level of experience. An ideal surgeon would have the education, expertise and experience in body contouring surgery, and in performing BBL surgery. Only an expert plastic surgeon can provide safe treatment and optimal results.

Moreover, when it comes to a butt lift, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – it’s all about meeting the patient’s expectations. That’s why it’s important to discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon in an in-person consultation beforehand. Professional surgeons offer 3D imaging to help patients visualize their outcomes.

If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC, consult a plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice who is experienced in performing the procedure. In addition to comprehensive training and experience in performing BBL, the right surgeon would have a professionally trained eye for aesthetic detail to provide attractive outcomes.

KYBELLA in NYC – Frequently Asked Questions

KybellaOne of the latest innovations that are revolutionizing the world of cosmetic treatments, KYBELLA is the first non-surgical treatment for a double chin. Expert plastic surgeons offer Kybella in NYC to treat submental fat, improve the neck region and provide more definition to the natural jaw line. Though this breakthrough procedure is a viable option to liposuction for the hard-to-treat chin area, patients have many questions about the procedure. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about KYBELLA in NYC:

  • What is submental fat or fullness
    Submental fullness, commonly referred to as a “double chin” is the condition of having an extra fullness beneath the chin. This excess fat under the chin can occur in both men and women due to factors such as aging, weight gain, genetics, and poor posture. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), a double chin is a concern that affects 67% of Americans. Fitness experts recommend many types of exercises to address the issue, but at sometimes, no matter how much you exercise or diet, the condition may not resolve. Cosmetic surgery can provide the answer in such situations.

  • What is KYBELLA?
    KYBELLAis the latest cosmetic treatment for a double chin or submental fullness. While neck liposuction can also get rid of this submental fat, it involves incisions and down time. The first and only FDA-approved double-chin injectable treatment, KYBELLA can address this concern without surgery. Performed by skilled surgeons, KYBELLA double chin treatment offers patients the same advantages as surgery but without the scarring and lengthy recovery time.

  • Am I good candidate for the treatment?
    You may be a good candidate for Kybella, if you:

    • Have moderate to severe fat underneath the chin or in the upper neck region
    • Have already tried rigorous diets and strenuous workout but failed miserably to shake the bulge under your chin
    • Lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to spare for cosmetic surgery
    • Are relatively fit and healthy

    Kybella injection would not be the right option if you:

    • Have an infection in the treatment area
    • Have lax skin of the neck or a significant deflation of the neck, related to weight loss with demarcated platysmal bands
    • Have a deep underbite and a small chin with a very oblique chin-neck angle
    • Are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
    • Are breastfeeding

    However, the key to obtaining optimal results and patient satisfaction is through ideal patient selection. Only a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can determine if you are the right candidate for Kybella injections and also administer the injections rightly and safely to help you achieve the most favorable outcome.


  • How does this injectable treatment work?
    KYBELLA contains synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA destroys the fat cells, and once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. This results in a noticeable reduction in submental fullness and accordingly, an improved chin profile.

  • What is the difference between KYBELLA double chin treatment and chin liposuction?
    KYBELLA is a non-surgical solution to the double chin and treats small fat pockets without surgery, whereas chin liposuction can be invasive or minimally-invasive.

    Non-surgical KYBELLA treatment involves only limited downtime and hardly any pain, allowing you to return to your routine activities in no time at all. Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that comes with some additional risks. Since you would be administered anesthesia, recovery time following liposuction also tends to be longer and can also leave a small scar in the area. An experienced plastic surgeon will evaluate patients carefully to determine which procedure will work best for them.


  • What is this treatment like and how many treatments will I need?
    KYBELLA double chin treatment is typically a 15 to 20 minute in-office treatment session, with injections taking only 5 minutes. This treatment can be thought of as a “lunchtime neck lift”. In 2 to 4 treatments, patients can experience visible contouring of their chin profile and up to 6 treatments may be needed for optimal results.

  • What is recovery like after Kybella injections?
    Recovery time and downtime are much quicker and easier compared to invasive chin liposuction surgery as this injectable treatment does not require anesthesia or incisions. Though the procedure is non-surgical, some bruising and swelling can be expected, but does not last long. Swelling usually lasts about 20 to 28 hours after the procedure, and will most likely go away after 48 hours. However, the time taken for swelling to subside actually depends on the dose you receive and your skin. For most patients, swelling and bruising resolve after a few days. Recovery is relatively fast and patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity for the first 48 hours.

  • How long do results from Kybella injections last?
    Visible results can be seen 3-4 weeks post procedure. When injected into fat under the chin, KYBELLA causes the destruction of fat cells and once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat. So after reaching your aesthetic goals, further treatment shouldn’t be needed. However, maintaining your ideal weight is necessary to continue to enjoy the results of your treatment. Weight after Kybella treatment may lead to the buildup of new fat cells in the chin area.

In a reliable AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice offering KYBELLA in NYC, you can expect end-to-end care and support all through the treatment, right from initial consultation up to full recovery. A reliable surgeon will administer the injections correctly, helping you achieve your goal of an improved chin profile safely and effectively.

Virtually Scarless Arm Lift – Correct Batwings without Long Incisions

The virtually scarless arm lift is an innovative technique that addresses sagging skin in the upper arms or batwings without creating any visible surgical scars. Leading plastic surgeons perform scarless arm lift in NYC using the advanced, FDA approved BodyTite liposuction device. For the right candidate, the procedure can provide slim, toned, and sculpted arms. This is an ideal option when even stringent diets and strenuous workouts cannot address saggy upper arms, which are usually the result of factors such as excessive weight loss, heredity and aging.

Scarless Arm liftBodyTite uses RFAL (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) technology which liquefies subcutaneous fat, coagulates the blood vessels and tightens the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues intact. The procedure requires only local anesthesia and can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. It involves minimal pain and downtime. This is a “gap” procedure for many patients who may be turned away for liposuction alone but are not severe enough for the traditional brachioplasty operation.

The surgeon will first mark the area to be treated. A local anesthetic will be administered to numb the site. Once the area is numb, a small incision will be made to insert the BodyTite hand piece and radiofrequency energy delivered to emulsify (“melt”) the fat. Once the fat is liquefied, it will be gently suctioned away. The procedure also encourages collagen production, providing great skin tightening effects. While traditional arm lift surgery leaves scars, this innovative radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) technique does not. BodyTite improves sagging, wrinkled skin with less downtime and long-lasting, attractive results.

The distinct benefits of the BodyTite arm lift procedure are:

  • Well-shaped arms – without invasive surgery and scars
  • Controlled and focused energy delivery
  • Careful monitoring of skin temperature
  • Coagulation of blood vessels to minimize bleeding
  • Less patient downtime
  • Fewer risks and complications
  • Minimal post-operative discomfort and bruising
  • Reduced pain and swelling
  • Reduced tissue trauma
  • Up to 40% skin contraction
  • Rapid recovery and faster healing

The ideal candidate for scarless arm lift surgery is a person with moderate amounts of fatty tissue, loose skin in the upper inner arm area due to aging, heredity or weight loss.

The actual recovery time can vary among patients depending on the comprehensiveness of the procedure – the amount of fat removed and the extent of the area treated. Most patients are able to get back to routine activity without experiencing any risks or complications within 48 hours. Light activities can be resumed immediately and normal activities in a few days time. However, arm exercises should be delayed for at least 6-8 weeks.

If you are considering a virtually scarless arm lift, then do your research well and choose a surgeon who has extensive experience in performing this procedure. After confirming your candidature for the treatment, a reliable surgeon will explain the procedure to you, including its risks and the benefits. You will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for the procedure as well as about recovery. With a surgeon who is trained and skilled in performing BodyTite virtually scarless arm lift, you can expect beautiful sculpted arms, though following a healthy lifestyle would be necessary to maintain long-lasting results.

Resolve Your Double Chin with Kybella Injections

A double chin is caused by factors such as aging, diet and genetics. In a 2017 survey commissioned by Allergan, 47% of the respondents reported being bothered by the appearance of the area underneath their chin, while 49% said the area under their chins negatively impacted their appearance. Getting rid of excess fat under the chin is now easy with clinically-proven Kybella in NYC, a non-surgical fat zapping solution that literally dissolves fat in the submental region. Ideal for men and women, this injection eliminates a double chin by effectively dissolving submental fat.

The active ingredient in Kybella injection, deoxycholic acid dissolves fat, permitting plastic surgeons to resculpt the chin area without surgery. FDA approved, Kybella is ideal for the reduction of moderate to severe fat deposits under the chin. This injection is effective for small areas as it directly targets the fat cells in the treatment site. Kybella can also improve the overall contour of the neck and jaw line.

Key benefits of this procedure include

  • No anesthesia
  • Permanent results
  • Minimal pain
  • Some mild skin tightening effects
  • Minimal downtime

Candidates can also enjoy faster recovery with only minimal bruising, swelling, downtime and discomfort. The right candidate for the procedure is the one with consolidated fat deposits and fullness underneath the chin. People with loose and hanging skin are not suitable candidates for this treatment.

A single treatment consists of up to a maximum of 50 injections, 0.2 mL each, and spaced 1 cm apart. Each in-office KYBELLA treatment session takes only 15-20 minutes, with injections taking only 5 minutes. With 2 to 4 treatments, patients can experience visible contouring of their chin profile, while up to 6 treatments may be necessary for optimal results. Visible results can be seen 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Plastic surgeons in NYC recommend avoiding strenuous activity for the first 48 hours after the procedure. For better results, it is important for the procedure to be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Getting this double chin treatment in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery would ensure compliance with the highest standards of care and patient safety.

Will Butt Workouts and Weight Loss affect the BBL Fat Graft?

BBLA very popular cosmetic surgical procedure, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery in NYC allows women to enhance the appearance of their posterior using their own fat in place of implants. Though it’s not been officially confirmed that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have had BBL, their derrieres have inspired many women to seek BBL to achieve fuller, rounder buttocks and a well-proportioned body.

Prospective candidates use the RealSelf platform to ask board-certified plastic surgeons questions about the procedure. One common concern is whether BBL results will be affected by weight loss. One candidate asked, “Will I Lose Fat from Brazilian Butt Lift if I lose a little weight or Do Butt Workouts?”

According to expert surgeons, the fat lost during a butt workout or due to weight loss after 6 weeks will be proportional to that of the surrounding areas. Generally, performing butt exercises will strengthen the gluteal muscles, but it will not selectively reduce fat from your buttocks compared to other areas of the body. Exercising increases your metabolic rate and breaks down fat all over your body to help repair the muscles used during exercise. Exercise usually leads to proportional fat reduction throughout the body. He says that “working out and weight loss after BBL will not cause the grafted fat to shrink any faster than the fat on other parts of the body”.

According to American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Brazilian butt surgery results are meant to last for many years, but significant weight fluctuations can affect the outcomes. The key is to maintain a stable weight to keep your results looking their best.

Even if butt workouts are not bad for your BBL results, make sure you started exercising only after your surgeon recommends. It’s advisable to avoid high impact activities for up to 4 weeks after the procedure. This will help the donor site heal faster and also improve the outcomes. You can generally resume exercise after six to eight weeks. Doing buttock stretching exercises, and walking and stretching your legs (as recommended by your surgeon) can reduce the risk of blood clots and to speed recovery.

Brazilian butt surgery offers “dual-benefits” in that it not only augments the buttocks but improves body contour via the removal of excess fat from other areas of body such as the arm pit, the mid back of bra rolls, flanks or love handles as well as the outer thighs, inner thighs, abdomen and other areas via liposuction. It is an ideal option for those who don’t want to go under the knife for buttock augmentation with implants. Leading NYC plastic surgeons Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia of bodySCULPT® invented BBL under local anesthesia (BBLULA). This techniques has been proved to be extremely successful and a safer alternative to traditional BBL.

Finding the right surgeon is paramount when it comes to obtaining effective results from your Brazilian butt lift surgery in NYC. So if you are considering this procedure, make sure you are consulting a plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice who is experienced in performing the procedure under both general anesthesia and local anesthesia. This is very important because BBL requires comprehensive training and experience in fat transfer techniques as well as a professionally trained eye for aesthetic detail. Having experts perform your procedure will also minimize risk of complications.

EmbraceRF for Superior Facial Contouring Outcomes without Surgery

EmbraceRFEmbraceRF in NYC is a new breakthrough facial contouring procedure that can address the lower third of the face, specifically the neck and jowls. It is a onetime procedure that combines two powerful technologies from industry leader InMode – FaceTite and FDA approved Morpheus8, a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD). This procedure is a great option for patients who have skin laxity in the lower face and neck with or without underlying fat concerns, and for those who may not opt for a facelift but want optimal outcomes.

FaceTite utilizes RFAL (Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction) to address excess fat deposits as well as skin laxity on the face and neck. In some cases, some of the fat in the face and neck area may need to be preserved to retain a youthful appearance. Depending on the quality of the skin, the aesthetic surgeon can combine EmbraceRF with Morpheus8 externally for remodeling the underlying fat tissues. With its depth of 4 mm and additional 1 mm heat signature, Morpheus8 allows the surgeon to remodel adipose (fat) tissue. Depending on the depth of the dermis in different parts of the face, the surgeon can preserve fat and tighten skin or remold the fat into the contours so as to improve definition of the jaw line, jowls and neck, while retaining the fullness necessary to maintain a youthful appearance. The procedure enables the surgeon to determine how much fat is removed, left behind or molded for precise sculpting of the face.

Here are some of the benefits of using EmbraceRF

  • Minimally-invasive treatment, no incisions or scars
  • Takes about 45 minutes to complete, with about a 48-hour downtime
  • Performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia
  • Treats both superficial and deep tissues
  • Tightens the skin in the neck and jowls
  • Improves the jaw line and rejuvenates the neck
  • Improves skin tone
  • Retains the youthful fullness of the face
  • Superior facial contouring with natural looking outcomes
  • Results are visible immediately and improve over time
  • Uniform treatment and permanent results

Built-in safeguards including real time measurements of skin temperature, impedance monitoring, power cut-off and audible feedback foster patient safety.

The categories of patients who can opt for this procedure include:

  • Treatment Gap Patients – Patients who do not have bad enough skin for a facelift and not good enough skin elasticity for liposuction.
  • Sideline Patients – All potential patients who are candidates for a facelift, but have not had surgery due to concerns about scarring and general anesthesia.
  • Facelift Maintenance Patients – Those who have had a previous facelift, but with early recurrence of jowls and neck laxity, and are too early to repeat another facelift.

Leading AAAASF-accredited practices in NYC offer EmbraceRF. A NYC plastic surgeon with expertise in performing radiofrequency-assisted aesthetic procedures can use this innovative InMode technology to mold the face and provide attractive results.

When Can Light Weightlifting be resumed After Lower Back BodyTite Lipo?

BodyTite LipoBodyTite liposuction in NYC is an innovative FDA-cleared body contouring technique that uses patented radiofrequency (RF) energy to remove unwanted fat and tighten the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

BodyTite is an ideal option for men and women who want to have plastic surgery to get rid of stubborn fat and shape up, but don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure. Even so, there are many concerns regarding the procedure that people discuss on popular plastic surgery forums such as Realself. One prospective patient who is an avid weightlifter asked: “Having lower back BodyTite lipo and would like to know how long it will be before I can resume light weight lifting”. He said that he knew that starting heavy exercises would take more time, and asked: “to do light arm exercises using cable machines, doing chest press machines, etc., am I looking at days? A week or two?”

An experienced plastic surgeon replied that since the patient is an avid exerciser and works out more than the average person, certain factors would determine how much downtime he would have and when he could get back to his workouts:

  • Type of anesthesia – whether general or local: If the procedure is done under local anesthesia (awake), time for recuperation would be much shorter.
  • Amount of RF (radiofrequency) energy deposited: A reliable surgeon would discuss how much energy will be needed depending on the soft tissue laxity the patient has.
  • How much fat is removed and how large the treatment area is: Even though the amount of fat isn’t always a large volume (for example, in fit individuals who want high definition lipo), a relatively large area still needs to be treated in order to create a contoured, natural appearing physique.
  • Level of activity preoperatively: Patients who are extremely fit and used to working out tend to get back to their daily activities more quickly. Older patients with medical issues who are less physically fit will take longer.
  • Other factors: Prescription medications, pre-existing conditions and general tolerance for discomfort will also figure in.

Given these “downtime” related factors, the surgeon says that most people get back to their exercise regimen within two to three weeks of BodyTite, once they slowly start off with walking the next day, doing light stretching within a week, and performing 1/4 to 1/2 intensity workouts in the several weeks thereafter.

Other experts also point out that BodyTite liposuction patients can start their routine off with slow and less weight-bearing exercises, and gradually work themselves into it. Once the tenderness and swelling begins to subside, they can progress to their regular workouts. The golden rule is: “let your body be your guide with respect to the degree of exertion”.

BodyTite provides safe and gentle body contouring using radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology. This breakthrough body remodeling procedure can eliminate stubborn fat and remove cellulite, while simultaneously re-contouring and firming your body. BodyTite offers many benefits over other forms of liposuction. Recovery after RFAL is usually far quicker and less uncomfortable than with traditional liposuction. Recovery time and results will vary depending upon the area treated and the amount of fat removed. Larger areas will require a longer recovery time and results are patient specific. Usually, initial results can be seen immediately after the procedure and best results after 6-12 weeks.

For BodyTite liposuction in NYC, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in performing the procedure. This is important for safe treatment and optimal, long-lasting results.

Is Swelling Normal 4 Weeks Post-Gynecomastia Treatment?

GynecomastiaMore and more men are getting plastic surgery. One procedure that has gained popularity in recent years is gynecomastia treatment or surgery to address enlarged male breasts. By effectively removing excess fat and glandular tissue, Male breast reduction in NYC provides men with a flatter, firmer and more masculine shape to the chest.

“Man boobs” or gynecomastia is one of the most distressing aesthetic concerns affecting many men. Male breast reduction provides an immediate improvement in chest contour and appearance, but each person’s healing process is unique. One patient expressed his concerns on the RealSelf platform, saying he can still feel some “hard, glandular like” tissue 4 weeks after his gynecomastia treatment. He had the procedure to address excess tissue in the left chest and wanted to know if this post-treatment swelling is normal. He wrote: “I wear my compression garment daily and nightly. Only take it off for short periods of time. If I squeeze down, I can still feel some “hard, glandular like” tissue”.

One expert surgeon explained that there is a range of how much extra breast and fat tissue there is as well as the quality of the overlying skin which will determine the appropriate course of action. After assessing the patient’s concern from the post-op pictures, the surgeon points out that he was probably a moderate grade gynecomastia patient, with no excessive skin laxity. In such patients, liposuction is an effective option for reducing the volume and shaping the contour of the chest. The surgeon advises “to allow some more time to pass” because some of the residual volume was due to swelling which would subside gradually. But if the patient still feels that the treatment area appears too big after enough time has passed, he recommends visiting his surgeon to discuss the reason for this.

The expert says he uses ultrasound (VASER) for the emulsification of the fat/breast tissue and radiofrequency (BodyTite) to tighten the skin. This is done under local anesthesia which is a safe, comfortable and effective way to do the operation.

The surgeon explains that the prolonged swelling in the case of this patient could be either not enough fat/breast tissue was removed, the subareolar (under the nipple) gland was not removed, or a combination of both, says the expert. He explains that, while other surgeons may stage the glandular excision at a second operation, he routinely addresses the gland by direct observation at the time of surgery and removes the amount of tissue that will provide the best possible contour.

When the procedure is done correctly for the right candidate, the results are almost immediate and the recurrence of the tissue is quite rare. In rare cases, when subsequent enlargement occurs, repeat reduction procedures may be required.

Another expert says that significant swelling is normal even at the 4 week stage and so wearing a compression garment is important. Compression should be used over the chest for four weeks to treat post-operative swelling and decrease the chances for blood and fluid collection.

Reliable plastic surgeons will perform a thorough evaluation to determine your candidature for the gynecomastia surgery. When it comes to recovery, you should have realistic expectations. You are likely to have swelling and bruising for at least two weeks following procedure. Drains will be needed for 24 to 48 hours after surgery. You will also need to wear a compression vest 24/7 for the first three weeks and then for 12 hours each day for the next two months to reduce post-op swelling and minimize risks for blood and fluid collection. Patients are advised to refrain from heavy lifting or straining for two weeks. Daily activities can be resumed gradually in the days after the surgery without going beyond your tolerance level. Most patients get back to work 2-3 days after surgery.

Choosing the right surgeon is crucial for the success of gynecomastia surgery. So, if you are considering male breast reduction in NYC, choose a reliable surgeon who is an expert in performing the procedure. In an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices, you can expect end-to-end care and support all through the treatment.

Reliable plastic surgeons educate potential patients about the risks and benefits of the treatment as well as the results they can expect.