Brazilian Butt Lift – Are You a Good Candidate?

The demand for butt augmentation procedures is rising, fuelled by celebrity trends. Today, it’s the Brazilian butt lift in NYC that has caught the attention of women. This minimally invasive procedure involves using the patient’s own fat to provide the enhancement. So it has become a favoured option among women who don’t want butt implant surgery and desire natural looking results.

Brazilian Butt LiftAnother reason why the fat transfer butt lift could be because they get to have two procedures at the same time – liposuction and butt augmentation. The procedure involves extracting excess fat from other areas of the body, purifying it and then re-injecting it back into the patient’s buttocks. This process of extracting excess fat from other areas helps correct irregularities in the donor site. Moreover, since the body’s own fat is being used to enhance the rear, risks of rejection are reduced.

Not all women are good candidates for Brazilian butt surgery. As only the finest donor fat cells are re-injected back to enhance the buttocks, fat often has to be suctioned from more than one area of the body in order to get enough fat for the enhancement. Women should meet certain considerations to be an ideal candidate for the treatment:

  • The procedure is recommended for women who are unhappy with their small, flat, saggy or asymmetrical buttock and want a curvaceous backside.
  • You should be physically healthy and have a fair amount of excess fat in the abdomen, hips, waist and lower back.
  • Butt lift surgery is the right option for those who are not looking for a big size increase, but something to fill out their yoga pants and help smooth out minor issues.
  • You should have realistic expectations about the outcome.
  • You should be committed to following the post-operative instructions provided by your plastic surgeon.

If you are a good candidate for the procedure, Brazilian butt surgery, then you should have an open discussion with your surgeon to get a good idea about what you can actually achieve with this treatment. Being healthy is important and medical conditions could affect procedural efficiency and smoother recovery. If you have reasonably good skin tone in the areas that have to be treated, then it helps avoiding sagging skin after the procedure.

If you are looking to have a Brazilian butt lift in NYC, choose a reliable plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in this innovative fat transfer procedure. This is very important for optimal results and your safety. An expert surgeon will explain all the pros and cons related to the procedure and perform a detailed assessment to decide if you are a good candidate for BBL. A skilled surgeon will also be well-informed about maintaining the balance between fat removal and addition to provide attractive body contouring results.