Dr. Spero J. Theodorou performs Scarless Arm Lift under Local Anesthesia Successfully

Flabby arms or batwings are a common aesthetic concern among many women. Underarm fat does not usually respond to even strenuous diets and exercise. Plastic surgeons offer the solution with arm lift surgery or brachioplasty. Today, advances in technology and plastic surgery techniques make it easy to get rid of that excess fat. Invented by plastic surgeons Dr.Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia of bodySCULPT® in NYC, the innovative scarless arm lift can provide you with smooth, shapely arms without the unavoidable visible scars associated with traditional arm lift surgery.

Watch this video of Dr. Theodorou performing a minimally invasive scarless arm lift using BodyTite radiofrequency assisted liposuction platform on a 27 year old patient, Daniela.

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The patient was awake as the procedure was performed under local anesthesia. She had flabby arms and was not confident enough to wear sleeveless shirts and tank tube dresses. She tried hard to address this concern through diet and exercise, but realized that it’s harder to workout, especially targeting specific areas. So she decided to undergo this arm contouring procedure that would make her comfortable in her own clothes. She says that she felt 27 is the right time as it is not too young and not too old to undergo this procedure.

When patients request a procedure, the plastic surgeon will first perform an assessment to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. A good candidate for the scarless BodyTite liposuction in NYC would be a person with sagging upper arms, but good skin elasticity and a stable weight. After evaluating Daniela, Dr. Theodorou determined that she was a good candidate because no matter how much weight she lost, her arms would always be fuller. She could not get rid the fat from her arms with just exercise and she also had loose skin. The surgeon performed this procedure on the whole upper arm of this patient, and not just on the under part.

As procedure was performed using local anesthesia, the patient was awake and she talked with the surgeon as her arms got done. Moreover, down time is minimal as she didn’t have much pain and she could lift her arms and felt normal.

In the scarless arm lift procedure, the patient is first administered local anesthesia. The surgeon then inserts the BodyTite radiofrequency probe through a small incision made in the upper arm. The radiofrequency energy gently liquefies the unwanted fat cells, allowing them to be easily removed using a cannula. In addition to removing fat, the procedure simultaneously tightens the skin and coagulates the tissues, which helps the surgeon sculpt the arms to achieve the ideal shape. Other benefits of this procedure include:

  • Immediate skin tightening
  • Efficient body contouring
  • Less swelling and bruising
  • Minimal discomfort and pain

Recovery after the surgery is faster and easier than with the conventional technique. Immediately after the procedure, a slight difference is visible and after six weeks the patient felt more confident as the results were noticeable. She was happy that the people she met noticed the change in her arms, like the definition and how they had shrunk.

Daniela is very happy with the results of her BodyTite scarless arm lift in NYC. She recommends the procedure for women who have self-esteem issues, as it would make them feel really confident about their body.

The ideal place to have the BodyTite scarless arm lift in NYC is bodySCULPT®. In addition to being the inventors of the Scarless Arm Lift procedure (BodyTite on Arms), our plastic surgeons, Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia, have years of experience in performing minimally invasive and non invasive cosmetic procedures and can provide attractive and long-lasting body sculpting results. At this AAAASF accredited practice, the surgeons and staff are sensitive to individual needs and attach top priority to patient safety and care.

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