New Study Finds Consensus on the Perfect Female Nose

A well-shaped nose that is proportionate to other facial features can make a big difference to a person’s looks. But is there any such thing as a perfect nose? According to a new study, yes. The Telegraph recently reported on research published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal says that the ideal tilt angle for a nose is 106 degrees because it enhances femininity.

The researchers showed 106 people photographs of Caucasian women age 18 to 25 with nose at angles of 96, 101, 106, 111 and 116 degrees to their face. While earlier studies of rhinoplasty or nose jobs were unable to arrive at a consensus on the ideal shape of a woman’s nose, this study established that the majority of those surveyed opted for 106 degrees as the ideal angle. On online survey with about 4000 participants showed the same results. This led to the conclusion that a slightly upturned nose with an angle greater than 90 degrees is the most aesthetically attractive. However, they added that further research would be needed to know if a more ideal projection exists.

The major findings of the study could provide an indicator for cosmetic surgeons performing nose jobs:

  • A tilt of 106 degrees was the optimum nasal angle for women
  • The findings are confined to young, white women and does not involve other races or ethnicities
  • The study supported earlier research which noted 104 and 108 degrees as the ideal angle

In men, 90 degrees is considered the ideal angle as it enhances masculinity.

Rhinoplasty is growing in popularity. The annual report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) on cosmetic surgical procedures shows that nose reshaping surgery stands second among the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures in 2013. This is a really challenging aesthetic surgical procedure and these new findings can help surgeons provide patients with results closer to perfection. In addition to improving the aesthetics, the procedure can help resolve the breathing difficulties, if any.