Women Utilizing Cosmetic Surgery to Achieve Celebrity Features

At present, we see many individuals undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures to resemble their favorite idols. More than men, women mostly undergo aesthetic procedures to achieve specific cosmetic goals. We have a lot of examples including the recent news of a woman who spent $30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian. Some women wish to achieve the looks of their favorite stars on the whole. However, majority of them desire to achieve specific features of their idols such as the eyes, buttocks, cheeks or lips which they may have found interesting or attractive.

RealSelf.com is an online community where users discuss diverse plastic surgery procedures. According to their statistics for women seeking cosmetic surgery, Kim’s butt is the most requested celebrity feature. However, they say this data is more anecdotal than scientific. They also noted that Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure that women chose to achieve their desired derriere. This is an advanced procedure which uses surplus fat from body areas such as the thighs, hips, arms or abdomen to enhance the butt’s size and shape.

Other than Kim, here are the other most popular celebrity mentions of the year. The corresponding body part or procedure is mentioned.

  • BeyoncĂ© – butt
  • Madonna – face and hands (anti-aging)
  • Angelina Jolie – cheeks, lips
  • Rihanna – skin lightening
  • Jennifer Lawrence – nose
  • Jennifer Lopez – butt
  • Kate Middleton – nose, smile
  • Julia Roberts – lips, smile

Brazilian butt lift is now getting trendy among celebrities and they undergo this procedure to gain more attractive looks and thereby boost their career prospects. As most of them share their experience in public, a number of women with similar concerns are likely to be inspired and opt for body contouring procedures. Celebrity surgery trends vary with time and the key moments in pop culture have caused a serious spike in celebrity surgery requests. There was a time when Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones was the trend, later it was the white teeth of Snooki and the interest turned to mommy makeover when Krista from The Bachelorette underwent it successfully.

Even though celebrity surgery has turned out to be one of the recent trends in plastic surgery, RealSelf has made it clear that it is not a majority trend. According to them, ninety-nine percent of the individuals don’t prefer to look like a celebrity. They simply want to fix something very personal and move forward with their lives with improved confidence and self esteem.