New Clinical Study Proves Efficacy and Safety of BodyTite

An article published by the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery features the results of a recent study by bodySCULPT® plastic surgeons Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Chris Chia. The article titled “Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction Device for Body Contouring: 97 Patients under Local Anesthesia”, reports that the BodyTite RFAL platform is a safe and effective device for use as an energy-based liposuction technique under local tumescent anesthesia in the awake patient, with patient satisfaction levels above 80%.

Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction involves the delivery of a controlled amount of energy to treated tissue resulting in fat liquefaction, accompanying hemostasis, and skin tightening. Of average age 37.6 and BMI 28.2 kg/m, the study population was 88% female. Areas treated were the thighs, medial thighs, chest, abdomen, lateral thighs, arms, flanks, knees, back, and neck. The average total operative time was 98 minutes.

The outcomes clearly point to the efficacy and safety of the BodyTite RFAL platform for body contouring and skin tightening. Three independent plastic surgeons graded the improvement in body contour as good to excellent in 74.5% of patients and the improvement in skin tightening as good to excellent in 58.5% of patients. The overall incidence of major complications was 6.25% and the incidence of minor complications was 8.3%. Overall patient satisfaction was 82% for the degree of skin tightening and 85% for the body-contouring result with the BodyTite™ device. The study concludes that for the right patient, the BodyTite™ device is a promising alternative to current excisional techniques in the field of body.