Non-surgical / Non-invasive Arm Lift

Are you struggling with flabby upper arms? Is that affecting your self esteem and making you hesitant to wear sleeveless clothes? Then you might want to consider an arm lift, because this particular problem area could be impossible to target with diet and exercise alone. At bodySCULPT in Manhattan, NYC, we provide non-invasive arm lift using Evolve as an alternative to the traditional Arm Lift procedure. That means, there is no invasive surgery involved!

Arm Lifting and Toning with InMode Evolve

InMode's EVOLVE is the next generation non-surgical body contouring device that utilizes radiofrequency energy for fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening, ensuring excellent results.

With a non-invasive hands-free workstation, EVOLVE's innovative design deploys three proprietary technologies - TITE, TRIM, and TONE - allowing for customized treatment for a variety of body types. It provides the following advantages simultaneously -

  • Remodeling the skin (skin tightening)
  • Treating adipose tissue (fat cells)
  • Toning muscles (improves muscle tone)

Evolve Tone, with its 4 hands-free applicators, targets specific muscle groups to increase muscle strength and refine the look of the muscles of your arm, toning it efficiently. With this non-invasive arm toning procedure, you see a unique lifting and tightening of the area. The treatment is comfortable and you can see a distinct improvement.

The result is tighter, more toned arms!

InMode Evolve TRIM

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does EVOLVE Work?

This all-in-one platform delivers 3 proprietary technologies in one system – TITE, TONE and TRIM. Each of these systems comes with applicators designed with built-in thermal sensors that monitor the skin surface temperature in real time. This helps the device reach an optimal thermal profile to deliver outstanding results, all the while ensuring patient safety and comfort.

Who Is the Best Candidate for Non-surgical Arm Lift?
What Is the Treatment Time?
When Can I Return to Normal Activities?
How Fast Can I See Results?
Is There Any Downtime?
Can EVOLVE procedures be combined?

Your treatment plan will begin with a consultation at bodySCULPT in Manhattan, NYC, during which our plastic surgeon will discuss your aesthetic goals.

Whether you want traditional, minimally-invasive or non-surgical arm lift in NYC, visit bodySCULPT. We provide a wide range of procedures that can help you look and feel really good.

To know more about the non-surgical / non-invasive arm lift using EVOLVE, schedule your consultation at 1-800-282-7285 or send an email to

We offer virtual consultation facility so that you can talk to us from the comfort and safety of your home!