Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

Drinking Water on an Empty StomachWe all know that 70% of the human body is made up of water and to keep the system working well, it is necessary to see that it stays fresh and topped up. That’s why health experts always advise you to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Do you know that drinking water on an empty stomach offers many benefits? Drink water as soon as you wake up and make this a daily routine to enjoy many lasting health benefits.

  • The body repairs itself and casts out all the toxins when you sleep at night. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to flush out these harmful toxins and leaves your body fresh and healthy. This also improves movement in your bowels and increases the production of muscle cells and new blood cells.
  • This habit can also help accelerate your metabolic rate. This in turn helps improve the digestive system. Drinking water right after waking up purifies the colon, and makes it easier to absorb nutrients.
  • Drinking water the first thing in the morning improves complexion and skin radiance. Dehydration is one of the reasons for premature wrinkles and deep pores in the skin. Drinking water on an empty stomach increases blood flow in the skin and makes it glow. It can have a positive impact on your hair growth.
  • Increased acidity in the stomach causes indigestion. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to push down and dilute these acids, and prevent the problem.
  • Drinking water also dilutes the acids that may otherwise cause stones in the kidney. Of course, drinking water immediately after waking up is essential for preventing the condition and the more water you drink, the better.
  • Dehydration is one of the leading causes of headaches. Start off your day with a glass of water in the morning to stave off headache.
  • More red blood cells mean more oxygen in your blood which will boost your energy. Drinking water on an empty stomach can help stimulate the growth of red blood cells.
  • When you are on a diet, this habit can support your weight loss efforts. Drinking water when you wake helps flush out toxins, reduces bloat, increases metabolism and burns calories more rapidly, all of which are key elements for weight loss.

So make it a practice to drink water immediately after waking up – it doesn’t cost you anything and you will enjoy many benefits!

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