Get Rid of Bad Breath and Feel Fresh with These Simple Tips

Get Rid of Bad Breath and Feel FreshBad breath is one of the common concerns of many people, and is a real confidence killer. Many of our food habits and poor dental care regime often compromise dental hygiene. Instead of just panicking, you can try out some simple but effective ideas that would not only fight the bad odor but also help you prevent it.

  • The very basic thing you should do is brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. Or else, the trapped food and sticky buildup on your teeth would collect bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Make it a habit to rinse your mouth out after you have something, even if it is just a toffee. It is also a good idea to use a mouthwash that kills the germs that cause bad breath.
  • The coating that usually forms on your tongue can be a reason for smelly bacteria. So it is good to gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush.
  • As you know, prevention is better than cure. If you are prone to bad breath, then take conscious effort to avoid foods that can make your breath unpleasant before you go to see your friends or attend a meeting. This includes garlic, onions, certain spices and coffee.
  • Have more of fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. It not only boosts the whole system and fights free radicals to help slow down the ageing process, but also makes your breath smell fresh.
  • Salt water mouthwash is an easy and efficient remedy for bad breath. This is because salt can quickly neutralize the bacteria in your mouth and help soothe sensitive gums. This provides instant relief from bad breath.
  • Do you know the many benefits of drinking green tea? In addition to being an anti-ageing element and a body toner, it can help you banish bad breath too. Eating yogurt can also help as it fights the bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Many teeth disorders such as gum disease cause bad breath. So get timely treatment once you figure out any such problem and be free of bad breath.
  • You may suffer from tooth decay and bad breath if you don’t make enough saliva. That is why it is always recommended to drink plenty of water during the day.