Major Health Benefits Of Running


Regular exercise and a proper diet plan can bring tremendous changes to your health. Running is one among the beneficial exercises that improves cardiovascular fitness. It is an aerobic exercise that strengthens the muscles and burns plenty of kilojoules.

Let us look into the possible health benefits of running.

It helps you to burn excessive fat

Running is an effective fat burning exercise. According to data published by the American Council on Exercise, if a person weighing 180 pounds runs for 10 minutes, he will lose 170 calories. And, if the same person runs for 30 minutes he will burn over 500 calories.

It helps improve personal care

Regular running helps you to improve your personal attention. In your busy schedule, it gives you a unique time to study the strength and weakness of your body, and keep track of it.

It reduces the risk of diabetes

It says that the more you run, the less you suffer from Type 2 diabetes (It is a state of the body that either doesn’t produce enough insulin, or resists insulin).  Running helps to combat insulin resistance and improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin. 

It boosts the functioning of your heart

Running strengthens the heart muscles and minimizes the workload of your heart. It supports healthy blood flow and also prevents blood clots in the arteries and blood vessels. Running makes the walls of your heart stronger. It improves the total working efficiency of the heart.

It makes you feel active

Gradually, running helps you to feel like you are ready to do anything that comes your way. It helps you to overcome laziness or inertia that pulls you back from everything.

It improves your stamina

Running improves the performance of your muscles. It makes the muscles work harder and also helps to improve the oxygen supply.  Steadily, regular running allows the muscles to increase your stamina for performing daily activities.

It improves your immunity

Recently, many studies have shown that running has direct connections with the immune system. Running at a moderate speed tends to improve the immune system. And also remember, running to exhaustion may weaken the immune system too.

It helps you to improve concentration

Research on the cognitive boosting effect of aerobic exercises (like running, jogging or brisk walking) has arrived at the conclusion that running improves working memory and focus in both children and adults.

It improves the quality of your sleep

Running is an ideal exercise for people who have difficulty falling asleep. It will help you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeper. And, it will be more effective if you can take a hot shower after your run.

It helps to overcome hypertension                                                           

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is becoming a major health issue for many people. Moderate workouts like running and brisk walking are all proven solutions to lower blood pressure without medication.

Last but not least, running would be a nice option for people who are not capable of paying monthly gym charges. Running is cost-effective and convenient for everyone who is cautious about their health and fitness conditions.

A long run alone is not going to give you a holistic change. You must make necessary diet and lifestyle changes to get rid of these problems completely.