Say ‘Good Bye’ to Your Bingo Wings

Bingo WingsAre you worried about your appearance just because of your bingo wings? You are not alone as this is an aesthetic concern among many women. Instead of hiding your flabby upper arms in long-sleeved clothes, try these simple ways to get rid of the excessive upper arm fat.

  • Start doing upper arm exercises. Normal workouts may not do much for your arms. Do arm toning exercises that target arm fat such as squeezes, pushups and stretching.
  • Making certain changes to your diet can help tone your arms. Dietitians recommend protein-rich foods such as lean meats, legumes, and natural yoghurt as protein helps to build and repair muscle.
  • Aim to lose weight. Excessive fat in the upper arms could be the result of overweight. Stick to a healthy, low calorie diet and drink plenty of water. A calcium-rich diet is linked to higher rates of fat oxidation and converts stored fat into energy. When you experience weight loss, you can see a significant difference in arm fat.
  • Wear clothes that draw attention away from your arms.

If diet and exercise fail to work, you could consider an arm lift. Established plastic surgeons offer treatment using safe and effective minimally-invasive techniques that involve little downtime. The arm liposuction procedure involves removing the excess fat and tightening the skin to result in slimmer, smoother upper arms.