Simple Tips for a Healthy and Happy Life

“A happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Happy LifeIt is not necessary to invest a lot of money or time to be happy and healthy. All it requires is a little motivation. Making some wise changes and decisions can improve your health and lifestyle. Here are some simple tips to help:

  • Manage stress: Many people experience is stress on a routine basis. Stress causes a number of health problems and worsens medical conditions. It can lead to anxiety and depression and can also lead to faster aging. It is therefore paramount to learn how to manage your stress levels. A few minutes of leisure, taking breaks to go for a walk, chatting with a co-worker or just getting outside for a breath of fresh air, are effective ways that can provide some relief from the everyday pressure and stress. Learn to recognize the signs of stress in your own body and mind, and counteract them actively with certain techniques such as taking breathing breaks, exercise, play, prayer, and so on.
  • Be more social: Being isolated can make you depressed. So make friends and be social. It’s important to maintain healthy communication with your family and friends to avoid becoming isolated or lonely. Staying socially active can improve mental and physical health. Volunteering has been proven to boost happiness, and is also a great way to bond with friends and make new acquaintances.
  • Eat well: As the old adage goes, “Health is Wealth”, which means nothing is more valuable than health. And eating right is necessary for physical and mental wellbeing. A balanced diet will provide your body with the essential nutrients. Include a lot of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains in your diet. Avoid junk food, limit intake of fat and sugary stuff, and balance the carbohydrate intake. Eating healthy also keeps you at the optimal weight.
  • Stay physically active: The benefits of regular exercise include increased strength, improved cardiovascular endurance, and fat reduction, as well as an overall decrease in health risks. Exercise also improves mental wellbeing and can lengthen your life span. Aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week.
  • Don’t be a people-pleaser: It’s a fact that many people live their whole life on what other people or society thought we should do. They choose their careers or other situations thinking about society. This would make them depress or hopeless. So don’t be a people-pleaser, instead please yourself. Do what you wish and perform accordingly.
  • Listen to your body: Learn to listen to your body’s signals and behave accordingly. For example, drink water when you are thirsty, eat food when you’re hungry and stop eating when you feel it’s full, take a break from your work when you feel tired, and so on. If you listen to your body and take really good care of it, your body will take good care of you.
  • Meditate: Fitness gurus recommend meditation as one of the best ways to reduce stress and improve sleep. Regular mediation can increase happiness and provide a host of other benefits.
  • Get enough sleep: If you experience sleep deprivation, it can affect your metabolism, decrease your productivity, hamper your immune system, and make you tired, moody, anxious and depressed. Getting enough sleep will improve bodily functions, improve health and make you more productive.