10 Tips to Mentally Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Mentally Prepare for Plastic SurgeryMaking a decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure might feel easy and evoke both excitement and anticipation in your mind. However, it’s quite natural to be apprehensive before any operation, including plastic surgery. It’s important to deal with this anxiousness before the surgery to avoid any negative impact on your physical and mental well-being. For instance, if you are getting a facelift in NYC, preparing mentally for the procedure will help you get through the treatment and recovery more easily and also help you achieve optimal results.

The following tips can promote a calm state of mind and help you prepare mentally your procedure:

  1. Have clear knowledge about the procedure: Knowing what to expect ahead of time can make a huge difference. Make sure that you have all the basic information regarding the procedure beforehand. This will help you feel confident in your decision and prepare for it. Spend a considerable amount of time researching the procedure and ask your surgeon for all the important details. If there things about the surgery that make you overly apprehensive, it could be a warning that you need to take an educated decision about going ahead with it. You can decide to wait to have the treatment or see if there are alternative options to approach the problem.
  2. Time your surgery carefully: It is advisable to avoid having plastic surgery during or immediately after a stressful period in your life. If your emotional reserves are already exhausted, this may make it more challenging to deal with surgery.
  3. Have realistic expectations: It’s important to have realistic goals and expectations about the outcomes of a procedure. In many cases, results are dramatic and life changing. However, plastic surgery has limitations and setting your expectations too high can lead to disappointment. NYC plastic surgeons assess patients to make sure their expectations are based on achievable, realistic goals.
  4. Make sure you’re having the aesthetic procedure for yourself: When you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Getting plastic surgery to please or impress someone else should be strictly avoided. Plastic surgeons often have patients who want to have a procedure just to impress someone – their spouse, boyfriend, or friends. It’s important to understand that you should never consider plastic surgery simply because someone else wants you to change your appearance. You should have a procedure only if you want to do it, and for no other reason. So before you go under the knife or the needle, ask yourself, “Am I doing this for myself?”
  5. Only trust credible, certified cosmetic surgeons: If you are considering a body contouring procedure, the first step is to find the right plastic surgeon. You need to understand the traits of a good plastic surgeon – make sure that the surgeon you approach is qualified and experienced, and has proven his/her proficiency in performing your chosen aesthetic procedure. You must have a clear idea about your cosmetic goals and be able to convey this to your plastic surgeon. Finalize your decision regarding the surgeon only if you trust and are comfortable with him/her.
  6. Share questions and concerns with your surgeon: If you need any clarifications regarding the steps in a surgery or the post-op, get in touch with the clinic or your surgeon as soon as possible. You must have a clear idea about your cosmetic goals and should be able to convey this to your plastic surgeon. For that, prepare a set of questions to ask him/her: the number of successful procedures the surgeon has performed and the techniques used. Also request to view before and after photos of former patients. This will help assure that you have made the right choice. Finalize your decision only if you find that you can trust and feel comfortable with the surgeon.
  7. Develop patience for final results: Plastic surgery is a process and the results don’t come instantly. Be patient with the healing process and depending on what procedure you receive understand that it will take several weeks to months to feel “normal” again. It may also take many months/year to see the end results of your surgery.
  8. Make an informed decision: Not everyone is a good candidate for plastic surgery. People with health issues such as heart disease, hemophilia or a bleeding disorder, lung disease, heavy smoking/drinking, high blood pressure, obesity, severe allergies and high cholesterol should have a candid discussion with their physician or specialist to make sure they can go ahead with plastic surgery. It’s important to make an informed decision based on your health.
  9. Practice healthy habits: Prior surgery to start developing healthy habits because being physically healthy can help improve your mental health. Go for walks, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce alcohol consumption, stop smoking, and get plenty of sleep.
  10. Arrange for post-op support: Make sure you have someone you trust to help you post-op. Although this may not be necessary for procedures performed at an outpatient facility, having assistance can reduce potential stress during the first few days of recovery.

People have plastic surgery to improve their self-confidence and self-image. That’s why it’s important to take steps to ensure that you are mentally and physically ready before the procedure. If you are considering body contouring in NYC, choose an AAAASF-accredited practice. This would ensure adherence to strict national standards for equipment, operating room safety, personnel, and surgeon credentials.