InMode Evoke: How Many Treatments Do I Need for Optimal Results?

Facial aging occurs due to skin changes that come with age, gravity, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors. A facelift is the best way to address facial cosmetic concerns. However, most people are wary of going under the knife and not ready for facelift surgery. The good news is that you can now get a noninvasive face lift to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck, without anesthesia, scars or downtime. In leading NYC plastic surgery practices, the noninvasive face lift is performed using InMode EVOKE. While EVOKE has been widely accepted as an effective noninvasive way to address signs of facial aging, one concern is about how many EVOKE treatments a patient would need to for good results.

InMode Evoke

InMode Evoke treatment in NYC using radiofrequency (RF) to target the tissues and muscles and rejuvenate facial appearance. EVOKE is an all-in-one, FDA-cleared hands-free facial remodeling device to remodel facial tissue and improve its appearance with no scars or downtime. Specifically designed to treat areas such as the cheek, neck, chin and jowls, this state-of-the-art technology helps patients achieve their aesthetic goals quickly and painlessly. Typically, a patient would require around 3-6 treatments spaced 1 week apart optimal results, but it will vary based on individual considerations.

Evoke deploys proven unique bipolar RF energy to directly target the treatment areas and subdermally remodels tissue to deliver a more defined neck and jaw line. RF energy is sequentially delivered to each applicator, providing even heat distribution across the treatment area. If the skin temperature reaches a threshold level, RF energy is temporarily suspended to the specific applicator, protecting the skin from burns. Pre-set treatment parameters allow for controlled 100% energy concentration at critical temperatures. This provides soft tissue remodeling and optimal results. With one platform, physicians can provide a variety of hands-free facial remodeling procedures specifically tailored to patient demands. You can see loss of volume in the treatment area as the procedure progresses.

One key benefit of EVOKE is its hands-free design and programmable technology. The treatment doesn’t require the surgeon or staff to be near the patient. The practitioner can set up the device, leave, and come back once the procedure is near conclusion, which is around 20 to 40 minutes from the starting time. As their EVOKE treatment session is being performed, patients can surf the internet, read a book, talk or watch TV.

If you are considering a noninvasive facelift in NYC, schedule a consultation in an AAAASF-credited plastic surgery practice that offers the services of plastic surgeons who are well-trained in using this technology. Expert surgeons will provide you with a customized treatment plan at your consultation.

Experts in using InMode’s innovative technologies can provide customized solutions to help patients achieve their specific facial contouring goals and can provide superior results.