Chin Implant

If you are looking to improve chin and jawline contour, chin augmentation in Manhattan can help!

A leading plastic surgery practice located in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), bodySCULPT® offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including facial rejuvenation treatments. Our plastic surgeons have extensive expertise in performing chin augmentation surgery. The procedure involves inserting a chin implant to improve a recessed or weak chin and overall facial appearance.


Our surgeons perform chin implant surgery using the latest techniques and can provide natural-looking results.

Chin implant surgery in Manhattan can address concerns can:

  • Strengthen a weak or saggy chin
  • Widen the chin
  • Correct a receding chin due to congenital deficiency, or age-related reabsorption
  • Resolve a double chin caused by a small chin bone
  • Improve a jaw disfigured due to injury

Increasing the projection and definition of the chin will result in a naturally attractive balance between your facial features and make you feel more confident about the way you look.


The steps involved in this cosmetic surgical procedure are as follows:

  • The soft tissues along the front of the jawbone are raised and a pocket is created to place the implant
  • A small incision is made directly behind the crease under the chin or inside the mouth to place the implant
  • After the implant is inserted, it is held in place with stitches
  • The incision is closed in a way that the soft tissues cover the implant

Chin implants are made of synthetic material and come in different shapes and styles and we can help you choose the option that will best meet your aesthetic goals.


At bodySCULPT®, we take each patient’s needs and desires into account, and deal each procedure in a personalized way. At your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will listen carefully to concerns and goals and develop a personalized treatment plan. You will be informed of the benefits as well as the potential complications and risks of this facial procedure so that you can take an informed decision.

Generally, we recommend this implant treatment for patients undergoing nose surgery to achieve a harmonized facial proportion. This chin implant treatment is also provided in combination with cheek implants and lip augmentation surgeries.

If you are considering this facial rejuvenation procedure, check out our chin augmentation before and after photos to see the amazing results you could achieve.


To schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT®, call 1-800-282-7285 or send an email to


Am I a good candidate for chin implant surgery?

You may qualify as a good candidate for chin implant procedure, if you –

  • are concerned about the appearance of your chin
  • have a chin that is too short or lacks projection
  • want a stronger jawline

It’s important that you are healthy, at a stable weight, and a non-smoker, and have realistic expectations.

Are there any side effects?

The procedure is safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. However, minimal pain, swelling and bruising is common after the procedure. Following your surgeon’s pre-operative and post-operative instructions is important for a comfortable surgical experience and smooth healing.

Can other procedures be combined with chin implant surgery?

Based on your aesthetic concerns, plastic surgeons may combine a nose job, face lift, or lip augmentation, along with implants procedure. Combining these procedures allows your features to be better proportioned and thus enhance your facial appearance.

Will chin augmentation make a big difference to my appearance?

Yes. By improving the appearance of the chin, jawline, and  neck, and creating ideal facial proportions, chin implant surgery can transform and rejuvenate your appearance.