Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone: An Innovative & Non-invasive Solution for a Toned Look

See our patients undergoing the fabulous InMode EVOLVE TONE treatment at bodySCULPT to get that perfect muscle definition on the stomach.

Evolve Tone is one of the proprietary technologies of InMode EVOLVE treatment in NYC that tones the muscles and enhances the shape of the body without any incisions, scarring or downtime. It is a customizable hands-free solution that is specifically designed to provide you with a well-defined physique. The procedure can be customized to address the patient’s specific needs.

These videos show how cool and comfortable the patients are during the InMode EVOLVE TONE treatment. The patients are laughing and talking during the treatment. EVOLVE TONE treatment can be done in 4 sessions of 30 minutes each, each performed over a two-week period.

EVOLVE TONE: Patient 1

EVOLVE TONE: Patient 2