Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit in this Summer Season

Tips to Stay Healthy in Summer SeasonSummer is the time to enjoy the warm weather with family and friends. As you spend more time outdoors, follow these summer wellness tips to stay fit and healthy:

  • Drink plenty of water and eat fresh: Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and healthy fluids. Dehydration can lead to health issues and constipation. Water can flush out the toxins from the body and keep the kidney functioning properly. Choose fresh fruit juice and avoid sugary aerated drinks. Include fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as omega-3s and healthy fats in your diet as they can help prevent sun damage and protect your body from various diseases.
  • Workout can help you stay fit and healthy: Hiking, biking, running, swimming or playing beach volleyball are all great activities to boost energy and fitness levels.
  • Balanced exposure to the sun rays for Vitamin D: UV radiation from the sun is the best natural source of Vitamin D, which is important for the bones, muscles and overall health. You get a small amount from food and to reach the level of vitamin D balanced sun exposure is advised. However, remember that too much sun exposure can increase the risks of skin cancer.
  • Use sunscreen: When engaging in outdoor activities, apply the right quantity of sunscreen to avoid sunburn and tanning. Try to apply sunscreen many times. Apply SPF 15 or higher every two hours.
  • Deter mosquitoes and bugs naturally: Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, etc., are natural deterrents for flaming biting insects. They are free of harmful chemicals. Growing mosquito-repelling plants like marigold and basil around your house keep irritating pests at bay.

Above all, take adequate rest during your busy summer schedule. The heat may tire you and make you feel exhausted, so give your body enough rest. Paying attention to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being can make this season one to remember.