Mommy Makeover: An Increasingly Popular Body Contouring Option

Mommy MakeoverBody contouring in NYC includes a wide range of treatments to address different aesthetic concerns. One body contouring option that has become increasingly popular over the years is the mommy makeover which is intended to help mothers restore their pre-pregnancy body. This treatment is a blend of cosmetic procedures designed to make mothers feel comfortable with their bodies again and regain their self-confidence.

Pregnancy and childbirth changes a woman both physically and emotionally. Being a mother is a blessing and the happiest moment for all women; at the same time, you want your body back in shape. Physical changes after pregnancy and childbirth can be a concern, especially when even a healthy diet and exercise cannot address them effectively. The mommy makeover offers the solution to a woman’s post-pregnancy aesthetic issues.

According to a recent Florida Today report, the mommy makeover has gone mainstream, while it might have been taboo a couple of decades ago. The growing popularity of plastic surgery has turned many mothers to these body contouring options to enhance their looks.

The mommy makeover is a combination of procedures that is designed to resolve several postpartum changes such as loss of breast volume, breast sag and loose skin, excess skin in the abdominal area, stubborn deposits of fat in various areas, stretch marks, and wrinkles. The treatments typically included in this package are: tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift and breast augmentation. NYC plastic surgeons utilize advanced techniques and technologies to perform these procedures and improve all areas of the body affected by pregnancy with minimal scarring, minimal discomfort and short downtime.

The most common areas of concern for many women are the tummy and the breasts. Tummy tuck surgery addresses excess fat and tightens the lax abdominal muscles to restore natural contour. It’s important that the patient is in reasonably good shape and has just excess skin and skin laxity.

A certain degree of size change and sagginess in the breasts is common with pregnancy. Mastopexy or breast lift surgery can treat uneven, sagging breasts and restore their youthful firmness and shape. Breast augmentation is a key element in the mommy makeover as it restores breast volume. Those who want to improve sagginess and also improve breast size may be recommended a breast lift combined with breast augmentation as part of their mommy makeover.

Liposuction treatment can address all problem areas with stubborn pockets of body fat such as the pelvic area, back, abdomen, hips, flanks, thighs, knees, and arms. NYC plastic surgeons use advanced technologies such as Smartlipo, VASER lipo or BodyTite to perform liposuction.

If you are considering a mommy makeover, make sure that you are done with having children, because becoming pregnant again can compromise the results achieved. To achieve optimal outcomes, you need to prepare for your mommy makeover. Plastic surgery is not a weight loss option and you should maintain a healthy diet and exercise to lose your post-pregnancy weight. The healthier you are, the quicker and more comfortable your recovery is likely to be.

AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices that offer body contouring in NYC provide the mommy makeover. Choose a practice with well-qualified, experienced plastic surgeons. A professional surgeon will evaluate your health status and determine your candidature for the treatments you want. In leading practices, surgeons use 3D technology at the consultation to allow patients to visualize the outcome of their treatment and proceed with confidence.

Cosmetic Concerns among Different Age Groups

Men and women of all age groups have body contouring in NYC to address a wide variety of concerns and look good. As we age our cosmetic concerns change. Moreover, every person has unique cosmetic concerns that would need customized solutions. Irrespective of your age, these concerns about your appearance can make you feel self-conscious. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery can help improve the profile and parameters of your body. However, aesthetic concerns vary by age and understanding the aging process is important to get the right treatment and rejuvenate your appearance. Here are the procedures that different age groups seek to address their aesthetic concerns:

The most common procedures for children and teenagers are otoplasty (to pin back protruding ears and also to correct various types of ear-related conditions) Cosmetic Concerns among Different Age Groupsand rhinoplasty (to enhance the appearance and/or to rectify deformation in the structure of the nose that cause respiratory problems)Teenagers should wait until their body has stopped developing. Teens shouldn’t be swayed by peer or societal pressure into having cosmetic surgery. Reliable plastic surgeons evaluate patient goals carefully to ensure that they made their decision to have a procedure for the right reasons.

People in their twenties may not experience any visible signs of facial aging related cosmetic concerns or the effects of gravity on the body. However, they may experience skin problems or breast concerns. Breast development is usually complete by age 20 and women in twenties may consider breast augmentation surgery to improve breast size and volume. Changes in lifestyle and exposure to the sun may lead to skin problems, leading those in this age group to seek nonsurgical and surgical procedures such as skin resurfacing, rhinoplasty, and preventative Botox to fight signs of aging before they ever show up.

Women in thirties may start to experience premature signs of facial aging ordrasticbodily changes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Premature signs of aging may appear due to lifestyle changes or stress which would cause loss of elastin and collagen. As a result, the popular options for this age group include facial rejuvenation procedures such as skin resurfacing, Botox and dermal fillers, as well as a mommy makeover to address post-pregnancy aesthetic concerns.

Signs of aging intensify during the forties and fifties. Muscle tone is lost, fat is displaced, and the body gradually produces less collagen and elastin that are essential for supple skin. The major concerns are aging around the eyes, sagging facial skin, wrinkles, deeper facial folds, and hollow-looking areas of the face, and jowls. Popular cosmetic surgical procedures for this age group are facelift surgery (rejuvenates the appearance of the face and neck by addressing wrinkles and sagging skin due to aging or weight loss), blepharoplasty ( removes excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids and tightening the skin), Kybella (an injectable to address a double chin), breast augmentation, and liposuction. Concerns relating to skin tone and texture imperfections can be addressed by nonsurgical procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and laser resurfacing.

People in their sixties and upwards will have the same problems as people in their forties and fifties have, but at a more intensive level. They can have facelift surgery to address mid-face sagging, creases below the lower eyelids, creases along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth, facial fat, jowls and a double chin. Skin resurfacing, Botox and dermal fillers are also options for people sixty and older.

Regardless of your age, the most important thing when it comes to body contouring in NYC is to choose a well-trained, experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. This is critical for safe treatment and optimal results. Established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices have such surgeons. The right surgeon will evaluate your aesthetic concerns and recommend the treatments that will best address them.

Breast Augmentation – A Key Element in the Mommy Makeover

Breast AugmentationThe happiest moment in a woman’s life is when she becomes a mother. During pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to lose your natural body contour as the breasts increase in size to allow breastfeeding, leading to sagginess when the skin stretches. The most common issues post-pregnancy are breast volume loss, breast sagging, stretch marks, difficult to lose/ extra fat, muscle separation/ abdominal bulge and loose skin. To address all the aesthetic concerns associated with pregnancy and help women get back in shape, leading Manhattan plastic surgery practices offer the mommy makeover. Breast augmentation is a key element in this combination of procedures which may include liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and more.

The mommy makeover is a good option if pregnancy has badly affected your physical appearance, or if you are unhappy about your sagging tummy and fat pockets in the thighs, flanks, and posterior that do not improve with diet and exercise. The combination treatments can restore a woman’s youthful appearance. Today, more and more women after 35 are opting to go in for a mommy makeover to restore their pre-pregnancy shape.

Breast augmentation can restore volume lost after pregnancy. Sagging breasts are a common issue during pregnancy and breastfeeding as the skin stretches to allow breast growth. Unlike fat, sagginess is impossible to remove with exercise and diet, and to correct the problem, plastic surgeons perform breast lift surgery. Breast augmentation can address loss of volume and when performed along with a breast lift provides a fuller and more youthful bust line.

Having plastic surgery to get back in shape after pregnancy could be a great investment because it offers a quick fix as well as lasting results. Moreover, new technologies allow surgeons to provide great results with minimal scarring.

Make sure that you maintain a healthy diet and also exercise regularly to lose your post pregnancy weight before you go ahead with the procedure. More importantly, make sure that you are done with having children because becoming pregnant again can compromise the results achieved. You will need support or help from someone for some days because you have to take complete rest after the procedure. Make sure you have someone to take care of your children and home.

In Manhattan, breast augmentation and other procedures in the mommy makeover are available in AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practices. Such practices would have trained and experienced plastic surgeons who can provide safe and effective body contouring. A professional plastic surgeon will tailor your treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Are You Ready for a Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery?

Mommy Makeover Plastic SurgeryBeing a mommy is a blessing and the happiest moment for all women; at the same time you want your body back in shape. You may have sagging breasts and abdomen after your delivery, which healthy diet and exercise may not address effectively. Physical changes after pregnancy and childbirth can cause you concern, but you can get back your pre-pregnancy body with body contouring options in NYC such as mommy makeover provided at leading plastic surgery facilities.

Mommy makeover is a combination of procedures, that is, it includes a package of procedures like tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift and breast augmentation. With this cosmetic surgery you can restore your youthful appearance. Consider a mommy makeover if pregnancy has badly affected your physical appearance, or if you are distressed about your sagging tummy and fat pockets in your thighs, flanks, and posterior that do not improve with healthy diet and exercise.

Most women experience a certain degree of size change and sagginess in the breasts with pregnancy. Mommy makeover can deal with this concern, and help restore the youthful shape for the breasts by getting rid of the droopiness. In plastic surgery practices in Manhattan, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is provided to reduce the stretching of the abdominal wall that creates stretch marks and loosens the muscles. Abdominoplasty can help tighten the skin and muscles in your abdominal wall. Stretch marks cannot be treated with this procedure. For the liposuction procedure, advanced technologies such as Smartlipo, Vaser lipo or Bodytite are used.

Mastopexy or breast lift is provided to treat uneven and sagging breasts and restore their youthful firmness and shape. Women who are looking for larger, smaller or more rounded breasts can benefit from breast augmentation or breast reduction along with rounded breasts.

If you want your breasts to be larger in addition to being less droopy, or if you want to maintain the roundness and projection of the breast mound and your breast drooping is severe, you may be recommended a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation as part of your mommy makeover.

Before you go ahead with this procedure, make sure that you maintain a healthy diet and also exercise regularly to lose your post pregnancy weight. Plastic surgery is not a weight loss option; it can remove excess fat that does not yield to traditional weight loss measures. Next, make sure that you are done with having children, because becoming pregnant again can compromise the results achieved. Patients will need support or help from someone for some days, because they have to take complete rest after the procedure. Make sure you have someone to take care of your children and the home.

If you are considering this mommy makeover procedure, consult a trained and experienced plastic surgeon who provides safe and effective body contouring in NYC. Only a professional plastic surgeon can tailor your treatment plan according to your specific needs.

Gift Yourself a Mommy Makeover this Mother’s Day!

Mommy MakeoverOnce they become mothers, most women spend a lot of time and energy raising their children and taking on a lot of responsibilities related to running their home. The result is that they hardly have any time to think about themselves. In addition to stress, lack of attention to diet and exercise takes a toll on their appearance over the years. This Mother’s Day, we have an important message for all those busy moms: don’t neglect that important person – you! Celebrate this occasion by gifting yourself a plastic surgery procedure that will enhance your looks and boost your self-confidence – consider having a mommy makeover. And to all those sons and daughters out there – this popular treatment is a great gift if you want to make your mom feel really special on Mother’s Day!

Available in leading NYC surgical practices, a mommy makeover is a package of cosmetic surgical procedures designed to help women restore their pre-pregnancy figure. The main areas of focus are the breasts and the abdomen and so a typical procedure would involve a tummy tuck and a breast enhancement procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction, and liposuction.

A tummy tuck removes loose, excess skin and fat, tightens the abdominal area and also addresses stretch marks and surplus skin in the lower abdomen. Liposuction can improve the shape of almost any area of the body by removing excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. In a mommy makeover, typical treatment areas include the waist, arms and thighs.

Cosmetic breast surgery can resolve sagging breasts, decreased breast volume, drooping nipples, and stretched areolas and restore a more youthful-looking bust line. A breast reduction procedure would be recommended for women whose breast may remain large and ungainly after childbirth. On the other hand, those with depleted volume would benefit from breast augmentation with implants.

To undergo a cosmetic procedure, it’s important that you are physically fit and have a positive attitude and realistic expectations. If you decide to opt for a mommy makeover, choose an AAAASF-accredited NYC plastic surgery practice that has well-qualified and experienced surgeons. A reliable surgeon would perform a thorough evaluation of your anatomical and other considerations to determine your candidature for the treatment.  Expert surgeons also provide customized solutions for optimal results.

More Women are Expressing Interest in Mommy Makeover

Mommy MakeoverMost women love to stay young and presentable always, enjoying improved confidence and self esteem. Having children is indeed a blessing, which many women look forward to. However, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding can all take a toll on women’s appearance and their youthful looks may give way to a more aged appearance. For those who are looking to restore their pre-pregnancy body, advanced treatments such as mommy makeover are available now at select plastic surgery facilities in the United States. This unique aesthetic procedure combines certain procedures to address the concerns of multiple body areas affected by pregnancy. A new report in medicalnewstoday says that more women are expressing interest in plastic surgery to restore a more youthful figure after having children.

This combination of postpartum body contouring procedures shapes up the abdomen, breasts, and other problem areas safely and effectively. This mainly involves tummy tuck, breast lift, breast enhancement and sometimes liposuction. Present era women are keen about nutrition and fitness, and wish to maintain a youthful figure. Leading surgeons believe that the growing interest for mommy makeovers reflect the rise in pregnancies at later ages and the trend of multiple births.

A firmer and flatter abdomen and more youthful-looking breasts are the primary goals of most women looking for a mommy makeover. These could be addressed with tummy tuck and breast enhancement procedures respectively. Surgeons observe that “The postpartum patient often uses her pre-pregnancy appearance as a barometer for her post-pregnancy goals.”

In an analysis of 40 consecutive women undergoing tummy tuck, here are the findings of the researchers.

  • Half of the patients were between 35 and 44 years old
  • Those seeking the procedure between ages 35 and 54 had 50 percent more pregnancies than younger candidates

Additional procedures are also performed to fix issues in adjacent areas such as the pelvic area, back, hips, flanks, or legs. Skilled surgeons are aiming to complete the procedure in less than 4 hours to minimize any associated risks / complications. The women don’t look for just results but an optimal outcome with minimal scarring. A good surgeon would carefully plan the treatment and utilize only safe and advanced techniques to meet their goals. Importantly, they evaluate the patient’s psychological status before heading for the procedure, particularly during the emotionally vulnerable first postpartum year.

They say, “In the appropriate patient and context, multiple procedures can be safely and effectively combined to address the multiple regions affected by postpartum changes and thus deliver a synergistic improvement in postpartum body contour.”

Another interesting thing is that an increased demand for body contouring by men in the same age group is also seen, motivated probably by the increase in “mommy makeovers.” Men usually target the chest and abdomen area in the ‘Daddy Do-Overs.’

What’s the Ideal Time to Undergo a Mommy Makeover?

Being a mother is a heavenly feeling and some of the best times in your life are surely those you spend with your kids as they grow up. However, pregnancy does come with certain aesthetic concerns. The changes you experience are not just emotional, but physical too. Returning to your pre-pregnancy body is a big deal. Visible changes are seen in body parts such as the breasts and tummy. Even with regular exercise and diet, you may still have that distressing excess skin in the lower abdomen or find that your breasts have started to sag. So, can you get back your pre-pregnancy figure? The answer is yes. Mommy makeover procedure can help you in this regard.

Mommy makeover procedure is a combination of surgical procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift / breast enhancement / breast reduction and liposuction. These procedures will sculpt the body and restore the pre-pregnancy attractiveness. However, many women are unsure about the right time to go for this procedure.

  • While it is true that this aesthetic procedure can ensure long-lasting results, it is also important that you should be at your ideal weight for at least six months.
  • You must also have stopped breastfeeding for 6 months because you must allow time for the breasts to get back to their normal shape and size and stop the production of milk.
  • An important thing to remember in this regard is that you must have completed childbearing before undergoing mommy makeover. In case you become pregnant after this procedure, you may need more procedures or experience considerable weight fluctuations after the initial surgeries.

A recent report highlights a rise in the number of mommy makeover surgeries in the past decade. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the procedures that are typically included in a mommy makeover have increased up to 85 percent since the year 2000.

Women desiring a better appearance post pregnancy should consult a board certified plastic surgeon providing service at a reputable, advanced plastic surgery facility. Along with their plastic surgeons, women can work together to decide on a desired end result. Since the body of each woman is different, the treatment plan must be tailored to suit individual needs.

FAQs on Mommy Makeover Procedures

Some women manage to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, others are not so fortunate and struggle to restore their appearance. The mommy makeover is a package of plastic surgery procedures designed to help women get back in shape after childbirth.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the mommy makeover.

  • Who is a good candidate? The woman should have completed having children. She should be in good health without any serious medical conditions. Nonsmokers heal the best.
  • Is it a one stage procedure? It can be completed in one or two stages based on the number of areas to be treated and the procedures involved.
  • What are the procedures included in the mommy makeover? The procedures typically include a breast lift to resolve saggy breasts, breast enhancement to enhance breast shape and contour, tummy tuck to eliminate excess fat and skin in the abdominal area, and liposuction to resolve stubborn fat pockets in various areas and improve body contour.
  • How about having children after a mommy makeover? It is generally advisable to wait till childbearing is complete. While a breast lift or implants do not affect breast feeding, the tummy tuck should be delayed until you are completed having children as the abdominal area stretches during pregnancy.
  • What is the ideal time for the treatment? Each woman recovers from pregnancy at different rates and it is important to let your body get back to as close as normal as possible before you go in for these procedures. This means maintaining a healthy diet to lose weight and allowing time to return to your exercise routine.
  • Are there any risks? There could be rare complications such as infection and bleeding. However, by choosing the right surgeon, you can expect to have a pleasant surgical experience with minimal complications.
  • How soon can I resume normal routine after treatment? An average of four to six weeks. However, the time for recovery would vary among individuals and the type of procedures performed.
  • Why are the procedures combined and not performed individually? This is done to minimize recovery time. Surgical trauma is reduced and healing is faster.

Choose a cosmetic surgeon with vast experience in all of the procedures involved. The right surgeon would listen to your concerns and take time to provide satisfactory answers to all your questions during the initial consultation, which will help you take an informed decision.

How to Ensure Safe and Speedy Recovery After Mommy Makeover

Women looking to restore their youthful figure after pregnancy can opt for advanced mommy makeover procedures that considerably improve their overall appearance. These cosmetic procedures help restore the youthfulness of the body areas that are most affected during delivery. The main procedures include breast augmentation to shape up the breasts, breast lift to resolve sagginess of the breasts, liposuction to get rid of pockets of fat deposits and contour the body, and tummy tuck to remove the excess skin and fat in the abdomen area.

Let us see some of the major factors women undergoing the surgery need to take into account to ensure a speedy and safe recovery.

  • Women undergoing any of these procedures must take proper care of their body until complete recovery.
  • Instructions regarding medications to be used and not to be used should be strictly followed.
  • Exercises that cause strain to core muscles and abdominal muscles need to be avoided.
  • Avoid lifting weights more than 5 pounds until 3-4 weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid any movements that tighten the abdominal muscles until complete recovery.
  • Light exercises such as short walks in the house are recommended for good blood circulation and to maintain good health.
  • Light day to day activities can be resumed from the third week but start them gradually and increase them as your body tolerates it.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle with a good diet that keeps you healthy and speeds up the recovery process.
  • Meet your surgeon on the follow-up dates as advised by the surgeon and discuss any issues you face.
  • If anything unusual is witnessed, don’t wait for the follow-up date to meet the surgeon but schedule an immediate appointment.
  • After around 6 weeks, you can get back to normal life and perform any routine activities including regular exercises in most cases. However, consult your surgeon before doing so to make sure that you are healthy enough to do it.

The actual recovery time may vary with each person. It would depend on the person’s body characteristics and what all cosmetic procedures they have undergone earlier. However, the recovery time needed for a mommy makeover is considerably shorter than if you choose to undergo the procedures you want separately.

Women Prefer Mommy Makeovers to Stay Young

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take their toll on women, damaging their youthful appearance and thereby bringing down their self-esteem. Mommy Makeovers are ideal solutions to address the aesthetic concerns women have post-pregnancy. A mommy makeover procedure can be costly, and the cost varies with the amount of work done. However, women are not much bothered about the cost and are even willing to shell out their hard-earned savings to get back their pre-pregnancy figure. Many of them want to feel good about themselves.

Beautifully contoured breasts and an enhanced abdominal profile are two important considerations for looking young and beautiful. Women experience issues such as excess abdominal fat and skin as well as deflated breasts after delivery. Mommy Makeover combines breast augmentation, breast lift surgery and tummy tuck to help women regain their attractive physique. Cosmetic surgeons performing this surgery have made it clear that those women planning to have another baby should go for this procedure only when they are sure that their child-bearing days are over. This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding can reverse the good results obtained from the surgery.

It is surprising that most women undergoing this surgery are those in their 30s. A recent study by the American Society of plastic surgeons made it clear how impressed women are about mommy makeover benefits. There is a steep increase — 85 per cent and 70 per cent increase respectively – in the demand for tummy tuck and breast lift from 10 years earlier. These procedures have become more socially acceptable now, which could be one of the reasons for the popularity.

Women choosing to undergo mommy makeovers to stay young should maintain realistic expectations regarding the results of the surgery. They should also understand that the liposuction procedure is not an easy way to reduce excess fat. It can only work on the excess pockets of fat that remain after heavy exercise and strict diet.