Customized Breast Augmentation with Axis Three Technology

Knowing the possible outcome of their breast augmentation procedure before it is done allows women to go ahead confidently. Innovative 3D imaging technology has made this possible by helping patients choose the implant size and shape that would offer the best outcome. The Axis Three Simulation system allows patients to view their results simulated in 3D before the surgery.

At bodySCULPT®, we offer the Axis Three 3D imaging facility for our breast augmentation patients. The use of this advanced platform helps our surgeons effectively communicate with patients on the expected outcome of the surgery.

Different Scanner Types

Axis Three XS-300

Axis Three’s XS-300 scanner captures high quality, anatomically-accurate, 3D images of a patient in order to simulate the surgery outcomes. With this imaging platform, women can try different implant sizes and choose the right and comfortable option. Its simulation software is intuitive, straightforward, and easy to navigate.

Axis Three XS-400

Axis Three’s XS-400 scanner is a turnkey system designed to address face, breast, and body procedures. Built around the patented CCTTM algorithm, this uniquely powerful method of 3D image capture delivers highly accurate data for a range of critical applications. Its advanced features include:

  • 4x high resolution imaging heads
  • Chassis unit with micro controller
  • Actuation control
  • Automatic range finder

Your Implant Surgery Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss how the procedure is performed including the various incisions, implant placement and implant types. The Axis Three 3D imaging system will greatly enhance your consultation experience by allowing you to make an informed decision about the procedure and implant type and size.

  • 3D images of your body are taken to provide you with an accurate picture of the expected surgical outcome.
  • This breakthrough technology allows three-dimensional images to be captured in just a few seconds.
  • The surgeon will demonstrate the effects of implant placement, and thus realistically project the final outcome.
  • Up to six simulations can be displayed at one time. The surgeon will compare them side by side, and rotate the images so that you can view them from any angle.

You can try implants of different sizes and shapes and choose the most suitable one.

Pleasant Treatment Experience

Whether it is implant augmentation or composite breast augmentation that combines implants and fat transfer, you are ensured a pleasant treatment experience at bodySCULPT®. The use of this Axis 3D platform allows our surgeons to provide each patient with a customized treatment plan along with several other benefits.

  • Improved consultation experience
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Can preview the actual outcome
  • Makes it easy to choose the right implant type and size
  • Allows you to make suggestions and participate in developing your treatment plan

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