5 Top Exercises to Tune Up Your Body in Spring

Top Exercises

Spring is around the corner! The season heralds new hope and spending time outdoors can be a big stress reliever after the long winter and stay-a-home restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic. Spring is the best time for a body tune-up and doing the right exercises can help you shake off sluggishness and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Extreme summer and winter temperature can make routine exercises less comfortable. But Spring – with its warm temperature – is the ideal time to resume your exercise regimen. However, you need to find a workout routine that fits your busy schedule and fitness level.

Let’s check out five best exercises you can try in spring to stay fit and healthy:

  • Squat Jumps: To start off this workout, stand with your feet just outside shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Then jump up and land gently on the floor to a squatting position. Without stopping, jump up again and repeat the motion. Three sets of 20 squat jumps are recommended for optimal results.
  • Step-Ups: A step or platform of about 4-6 inches high is required for this workout. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and jump onto the step or platform. Then step backward to the starting position. Repeat the motion at least 15 times.
  • Burpees: Start in a squat position with your knees bent, back straight, and your feet about shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the ground directly in front of you and then jump your feet back, transitioning to a plank position. Complete one push-up, jump back so that your feet land just outside of your hands, reach your arms over your head and jump up into the air so you land back where you started. Lastly, land with knees bent and immediately lower back into a squat position for your next rep.
  • Push-ups: Get on the floor on all fours. Position your hands shoulder-width apart, straighten your arms and legs, lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor and then push yourself back up. Repeat at least 15 times.
  • Lunges: Stand up tall and step forward with one foot until your leg reaches a 90-degree angle. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips and make sure that your back knee remains parallel to the ground and your front knee doesn’t go beyond your toes. Then lift your front lunging leg to return to the starting position. Repeat the motion at least 12 times for each leg.

For best results, perform all these moves back-to-back with little to no break in between. These exercises can spike your metabolism, burn fat, and help you to continue to burn calories even hours after your workout. Along with these exercises, make sure to support your body nutritionally too.